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From Student to Teacher: How I Compiled My Teaching Portfolio

Ya’ll, I graduated! It is the most wonderful feeling in the world to finally be done after all this time. I can barely put it into words, but being done with school [for now] was an amazing adventure. This is the end of the beginning for me, and I’m so grateful for all of the love and support I have received.

Technically I’m still finishing up my last class, but all of my assignment have been turned in and graded (because I’m a baller like that) so I’m just waiting for the clock to strike twelve, so to speak. I’ve also passed all my certification exams! Now I’m just on to the hard part: finding a job.

When I was researching my final assignment, I could not find very much in the subject of what my teaching portfolio should look like. The directions for the assignment were very vague and my professor kept saying that it was our “oyster.” Whatever that meant…

I decided to write this post to tell you what I chose to do with my portfolio, and how I chose to submit it online.

teaching portfolio how to

This is my fancy binder. I honestly just utilized a gently used three ring binder I had laying around. I did buy new sheet protectors and tabs for it though, for the sake of neatness.

I chose to add tabs to my binder by subject. I highlighted areas for my teaching philosophy and classroom management plan, then listed each subject I taught during my internship. I also included a supplemental section for my social studies unit I developed.

teaching portfolio tabs

When you open the binder I have my resume and letters of recommendation in the front pocket. I figure that when I take this to interviews this summer I will be handing these elements over to potential employers, so having them accessible and ready made sense.

teaching portfolio about

The very first section is not tabbed because it is stuff that may to may not be skipped entirely. I noted that my certification is pending, but I made sure to include all of my passing scores and a print out of unofficial transcripts from my university.

Your teaching philosophy and classroom management ideas will vary greatly depending on who you are as a person and how you envision your classroom. I wanted to show off some of my creativity here, so opposite of my wordy explanations I added some artsy fartsy artifacts.

teaching portfolio art

That letter is from one of my favorite students from my internship. It is very dear to me and I think it serves two points: to act as a student-supplied letter of recommendation and to illustrate that I can control even the silliest, most lovable students.

For each of my core subject sections I tried to include the lesson plan on one side and an example or illustration on the other.

Here is my quiz-quiz-trade activity (that I taught the students) for an idiom lesson:

teaching portfolio reading

teaching portfolio science

I did the same thing for math, but instead included student samples of enrichment worksheets from our Stop and Check practice exercises.

teaching portfolio math

For my reading unit that integrated social studies, I provided a little of everything. I included several lessons with student samples, teacher created worksheets, pre- and post-assessment data, my teacher-made assessment, student samples from written responses, and pictures and explanations of the fun activity we did at the conclusion of our unit.

teaching portfolio social studies

(That dreamcatcher activity was great, by the way. I got it from pinterest and although it took a lot of prep work, the kids loved it!)

The very last section was for my reflections. I took this opportunity to include little snippets of my reflections throughout my student career, making sure to include observation reflections. I also used some excerpts from my Teacher Work Sample on how lessons in my unit worked or didn’t work, or thoughts about how to change them for next time.

teaching portfolio reflection

Because I went to school online, I had to submit it online. The most obvious idea for some was to take a million pictures and submit them to our professor, but I liked everything I included and did not want to have to explain everything in a powerpoint or word document. Once my portfolio was complete, I shot a video and gave her that instead. And I made a 100%, thank you very much.

I hope my portfolio and explanation for what was included can help someone on the look out for articles based on new teacher portfolios. I really feel like having mine compiled and together gives me a boost in confidence. I truly have accomplished a lot and I like being able to physically touch all of my efforts.

graduating mama

My adorable family, and that’s one hot, educated mama!


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