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Having the Talk

When I pulled my daughter out of public school after kindergarten, it was half to reconnect and half due to the attitudes small children have about life. I don’t know if you noticed, but children today are growing up fast.

We made a deal back then, and at the conclusion of our first grade year with home education we decided to try public school again. However, per our agreement, I had new expectations for my daughter when it came to communication. I did not want this new, abrasive society getting to her before I did about certain topics. One of those topics is sex.


I come from a complex past when it comes to sex, but one thing I am thankful for is that my parents did not keep secrets from me in the form of information. I knew when I started having my own children that I wanted to have the same kind of transparency. But as a parent I am finding it is not that easy…

It should be, right? Sex is a part of life and it is my job to make sure my kids know how to approach that.

Luckily there’s help.

Trisha and Luke Gilkerson released The Talk back in 2014. The Talk is a series of seven lessons meant to help parents talk meaningfully to their children. The study supplies elementary-age children with a foundation of truths about sexuality at a level they can understand.

Having the Talk is a video series that walks parents through each lesson and provides even more support for taking charge of teachable moments.

These videos answer frequently asked questions and some concerns from parents since the book launch. The video course has  eight lessons: a meaningful introduction and one lesson per each chapter of the book.

➺ Lesson 1: Too much too soon?
➺ Lesson 2: Created Male and Female
➺ Lesson 3: Be Fruitful and Multiply
➺ Lesson 4: Celebrating Life
➺ Lesson 5: The Intimacy of Sex
➺ Lesson 6: The Theft of Love
➺ Lesson 7: Sexual Abuse and Your Child
➺ Lesson 8: Your Body Belongs to the Lord
➺ PLUS a free digital copy of The Talk: 7 Lessons to Introduce Your Child to Biblical Sexuality

And that’s not all. Each course purchase includes bonus lessons covering how to talk to your children about homosexuality and masturbation in age appropriate ways as well as a lesson on guarding your children from pornography.


With the purchase of Having the Talk during this special launch period, you’ll also get your hands on some pretty amazing bonuses.

  • JOY prayer cards for kids from Not Consumed
  • Sound Words for Kids Unit 1: All About God by Tauna Meyer
  • Family Time Activity Book: Running the Race from National Center for Biblical Parenting
  • It’s the Heart, Not the Hemline by Richele McFarlin
  • Covenant Eyes 2 month subscription

I’m going to be honest with you: I am not hugely religious. I believe in a creator and I am very spiritual when it comes to have a sacred space and time to pray and meditate. A majority of my friends and family are Christian, and I respect that in every way. I can relate to many messages that Christianity has shown me, and so I enjoy reading the Bible and sharing scripture with my children.

As I’m learning about myself and my relationship with God, I share that with my children.

I like Having the Talk because the video lessons really break down easy ways to navigate the Bible to help talk about sex. Biblical talk is a stepping stone for me to open up to my school-aged daughter. The video course is very friendly for people of all different walks of life, and Trisha and Luke cover complex topics on sexuality with grace.

1 Corinthians

Trisha and Luke are amazing because regardless of the topic they are confident in all parents in their ability to communicate openly with their children. The Having the Talk online courses cover tons of extra questions about how to approach difficult questions while remaining completely honest and open about sex.

If you are a parent of a school-aged child, Having the Talk is a great way to start arming your child with honest information about sex. Don’t wait until it’s too late to start having these discussions.

The video course is available for $47 and includes all of the bonuses above on purchases before July 7, 2016. Click below to start now!

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