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Worth it.

I’m really bad at this. I wanted to take pictures of my classroom before the students got there, but I forgot. I actually never remember to do that.

However, I have taken a couple here and there. So for those of you wondering what my first year teaching looks like. Here’s a sneak peak.

First and foremost, my white board. I planned it out with dry erase and it worked wonderfully. I changed my Students vs. Teacher blocks to homework and reminders. I’ve noticed the kids need this visual. I can incorporate a point system later if needed.

whiteboard planning

And it turned out rather well.

white board in progress

I admit I’m not using CHAMPS enough. I’m trying, but it’s like only utilized when my kiddos are off task.

I also haven’t found a way to use my bulletins much, but I am super excited how they turned out!

bulletin board planning

The pencil was an added thought and that’s my artist friend, Melissa, helping me get everything ready.

Also, that’s my complete library. I will take a picture of how mighty it’s grown all ready one day, but for now just check out those measly eight bins I started with.

anchor chart wall

I also had this small wall covered in blue paper as a bulletin board, but it fell down so I lust used border and now it’s where the anchor charts live. Like this one…

when we bully paper dolls

We spent a lot of time connecting and character building these first three weeks. These paper dolls were pretty effective.

And my word wall makes me extremely happy. At first it was taped up, but my Target Dollar Spot banner was still viable by using trusty ol’ binder clips. Voil!

word wall target hacks

(Yes, I fixed the “L” and “N” and it is less wiggly there.)

I also love how my school uses house points now. Each house is named after a ship to fit our school mascot! Every member of the school has been sorted and each class is all mixed up. I love it! The kids do, too.

school houses

Each room has been asked to display the points in some way. So I printed an image I edited off the internet as a stencil, then I basically painted the crest for Hogwarts. Add a little school spirit and bam!

harry potter school house points

Add some laminating magic from my media center specialist and this is how we keep track in our class. The points for the entire school are updated each week. My house, “team blue,” is winning!

That’s all the good stuff, I’m afraid.

I need to take more pictures and organize my life. If you’re wondering where I’ve been, remember half my mind is always in the classroom. 😉





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