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A Thanks to THINX! {a review}

If you’re new here, here’s something I want you to know: pads and tampons are harmful to your body. These days finding a menstrual cup or cloth pads isn’t all that hard. In fact, there’s even a product that keeps you feeling fresh without the mess. The best part is, you don’t even have to alter your morning routine.

THINX is a brand of underwear made just for women during menstruation.

People often freak out when you mention “free bleeding.” But it’s really more like wearing a pad than anything else. Just imagine THINX as a pair of underwear with a built in pad that isn’t filled with nasty chemicals that poison your vagina.

The concept is pretty amazing and I just had to try it out for myself.

Right away my first impression was doubtful. After opening the package I noticed they were a lot fancier than my normal cotton hipsters, but later I decided it made periods sexy in a way. “Check me out, lookin’ fancy on the rag!”

I decided to try them on early before the awaited visit from Aunt Flow. Unfortunately, I did find the sizing to be a little off. After wearing them for a few hours I had dig marks on my hips, and I kept having to adjust them over my butt crack because they slid down. However, since I didn’t have any leakage problems,  I would simply recommend sizing up.

I teach 5th grade, so I need to be able to move and preform for those kiddos without having to take frequent bathroom breaks. I normally use a menstrual cup, but have had issues with day 1 as my flow is soo heavy I would be dumping my cup several times a day. I’ve been in the market for something simpler to use to back up my cup. Since finding THINX I’ve been able to ditch the cup entirely and bleed freely without all the discomfort of leaks or puddle in my panties.

Some of the concerns I shared with the more reluctant women in my life have been settled. The material is soft against my vulva, not making my lady bits too dry or uncomfortable. I’m also not sweating “down there” like I did with my homemade cloth pads. (I really hate that I couldn’t ever find a solution to that.)

Bonus points: lack of chemicals means shorter, lighter periods!

With THINX period panties I feel like a normal person not on their period. The only problem I really had was forgetting about my period and then overfilling the underwear. Even then I felt it before any damage was done to my clothing.

I think these could be a great gift for any postpartum mamas in your life. Imagine ditching the hospital net underwear, depends, or sticky plastic pads for something soft and healthy to help with that lochia problem.

Would I recommend everyone try a pair of THINX? Absolutely!

Head on over to THINX to customize your period pack to save money. They have every style from hiphuggers for heavy days, to thongs for lighter days. You will not be disappointed!


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