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Top 5 Pinterest Finds {April}

I haven’t found myself with a whole lot of free time lately, and I admit I’m super stressed most of my days. However, I still catalog all my favorite finds on Pinterest and I always pull from there when I find myself needing to create something to call my own. Since I’m attempting to ease back into blogging, I want to see if this idea for my “Top 5 Pins” sticks.

So here’s my top list from my pins in April.

Top left, clockwise:

1 // All-Natural Protective Paw Wax // I added this because I made my sister’s dog some protective paw wax over Christmas, and when I came across this recipe I thought it sounded a lot better. I don’t have dogs, but if I did those summer pavements would be a real concern. Got to think of the nephew pups!

2 // DIY Wine Bottle Torches // This is one of those “What didn’t I think of that?!” moments. Not that I’m a huge wine drinker, but any glass bottle could be re-purposed in this way, really. A must-have for these Florida summer nights!

3 // Notice and Note bookmarks // I have been doing the Notice & Note lessons in my classroom and the bookmarks provided in the resources aren’t great and don’t align properly for my preferences. Upon searching I found this free download right away! Totes amazing.

4 // Bacon Weave Breakfast Sandwich // This was one of those circulating Facebook videos, but my husband recently went on a diet that is super manly, so this bacon for bread concept was a must try!

5 // Carrot Croissants // I would skip the foo coloring and substitute chicken salad… That’s totally the plan for these cuties. I haven’t attempted it yet, but I loved the simplicity of creating a cone shape for delicious sammies!



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