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Top 5 Pinterest Finds {May}

I slacked since my last post. I remembered my monthly Pinterest commitment, but forgot again immediately after.  But I am here within reasonable limits, so without further ado…


Top left, clcokwise:

1 // EOY Desk Arrangement // I used this for my last week of school and it worked rather well because I could easily see all students and keep good proximity control. I might try it again for the beginning of this year.

2 // DIY Fidget Spinners // Fidget spinners are soo annoying right now. I have taken more of these than anything else. Well, I lie… I actually recycled more plastic water bottles than anything else…

3 // Loving this playlist! // The “Woordless” playlist  was so good, I made a Spotify playlist and am sharing it you you! Really great tunes for keeping the concentration going. It’s missing one song, and one was wrongfully labeled explicit. Feel free to give it a listen yourself, or simply visit Jillian’s site to get the playlist details for yourself.

4 // Cloud Bread // I loved this simple low carb recipe. And I couldn’t believe how soft and fluffy it was! Basically 3 ingredients… no lies!

5 // People Magazine for Mother’s Day // I loved doing this with my 5th graders! I am going to spend more time on this with my students next year for sure. But I posted some of the amazing covers on my Instagram account.


Speaking of that last one, and Pinterest… I had a few good projects I can expand on next year. I’m really excited to be done with my first year teaching and am really excited for the new year coming up! I’ve learned a lot and I really appreciate all the people who helped me and supported me. If you’re one of them and you’ve stumbled here, thank you!

Summer break, here I come!




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