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Learning to Love Lipstick {Lipsense review}

Summer is a strange thing. I live in Florida and the heat is so intense for me. I want to be one of those people who love summer and who hit up the beach every day to work on their tan lines… I’m not. I stay inside and I cover from the humidity and I get myself all depressed. I have reverse seasonal depression… as in the summer is when I turn into a hermit and find reasons to hate myself.

The truth is I’m disgustingly happy and I have to keep reminding myself of that. One way I was fighting off that nasty feeling I was describing earlier is by taking a significant time each day for me and me only. I did the usual reading and studying and planning (#teacherlife), but I also started putting lip color on to boost self esteem and get that feel good productivity wheel spinning.

Have you heard that saying “Wake up, Makeup”? I didn’t get it at first, but by “putting on a face” each morning it made me have the kind of sunny disposition that was necessary to conduct myself as a normal member of society.

And if I didn’t feel like it, my minimum was mascara and LipSense by SeneGence International.

My distributor is Chuck Gillingham of the St. Petersburg area. At first I was intimidated by the idea of paying more than like $7 for lip color. (And $7 is stretching it, people.) However, it was easy to take the plunge because Lipsense has a “Bottom of the bottle” guarantee.

My first color was Bella.

I thought it would be love, but after wearing it once I decided that this favorite starter color just wasn’t the look I was going for. It was slightly edgy and I was wearing make up to look professional.

Chuck explained that each color looks different on everyone because it interacts with your skin in a way that is unique for lip color. It’s safe, non-toxic, not tested on animals… Make up that’s good for you!

I exchanged Bella for Sassy Z which is my favorite! I also really dig Napa with First Love on top… Because Lipsense layers dry you can layer them to make your own combinations. The possibilities are endless!

And before long you’ll have to have one of each color. This product is seriously addicting!

Some tips I’ve learned along the way:

  1. Exfoliate! Lipsense naturally encourages exfoliation, so you have to scrub your lips before applying to keep your lip color from flaking.
  2. Clean your lips before application. Witch hazel is a nice way to make sure your lips are clean without overly drying. I use a coconut oil & coffee scrub, but I have to get all the oil off because oils are anti-Lipsense.
  3. Make sure your lips are dry before applying. Pay close attention to the water line. I’ve seen women who dry the inside of their lips with cotton pads and then generously apply their Lipsense over the water line to ensure long-lasting wear.

Another thing is to apply the gloss before AND after you eat and throughout the day. Glossy glosses last longer on your lips than matte glosses.

I’m still learning though, so if you have more tips drop them in the comments!

You can also ask questions to my amazing, informed distributor. Chuck has her own amazing group on Facebook. Search “Rockin’ Adventure Lips” for special deals and access to online parties with raffles, prizes, and exclusive offers. You can also simply “Like” Chuck’s Lipsense page on Facebook to follow holiday specials and news.




Disclaimer: I have purchased my own products used in this post. All stories and opinions are 100% my own. Furthermore, the links within this post are distributor links and purchases made through these links will be compensated to LeighAnn Gillingham. I shall not tell lies!



  1. Jennifer C. says:

    Love it, and still trying (and failing) at selling it lol

    • I’m the worst at marketing myself, which is why I haven’t taken the plunge to be my own distributor! You’ll get there. Don’t give up!

  2. Kara Copas says:

    I’ve always wanted to try this stuff out but I just can’t afford it at the time being (just bought a house and struggling lol).

  3. I love trying out lip products! These look nice!

  4. Julie Waldron says:

    I’ve never tried lipsense but I’ve heard great things about it. I love trying out new lip products.

  5. Buddy Garrett says:

    LipSense sounds great. My wife and daughter would love to0 try it.

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