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Thanks for my #SparkleVoxBox!

I received my Sparkle VoxBox weeks before Halloween, and I thought it only came with three products. I thought I would use the lashes for my costume, but I was so tired from a crazy day at work that I barely put any effort into that evening.

I’m grateful that I had some Numi Tea to relax.

Our favorite product from this “three-item box” was the Garnier Sulfate Free Cleanser. Believe it or not, my 9-year-old (10 in 3 weeks… what?!) is suffering from acne. It started very recently, but she’s already come home crying because some jerk (a dumb boy) is making fun of her. We tried two cleansers so far and no results. With Garnier’s new face wash we’ve noticed a decrease in severity! I’m not going to hold my breath about a complete miracle, but progress is to be celebrated!

Just recently I decided to collect the box off an end table and put it away to be reused later. There was more!

This was perfect timing because I was just regretting not adding snacks to my recent grocery trip. I bashed on those Welch’s Fruit Snacks, ya’ll. They were delicious. I will admit that I was frustrated at times because the Berry and Strawberry were both rather sticky. (Strawberry was the worst and I almost threw it in the trash.) I did get the chance to taste them all though, and they were all so good! My favorite was Tropical Punch.

The Crest and Sinful Colors products just helped me get in the mood this morning to deal with these fast-approaching holidays. Overall, the Sparkle VoxBox was a great surprise to my doorstep!


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