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How to Make Homemade Neosporin

As my oldest daughter grows older, she has become an accident waiting to happen. (She takes after her clumsy aunt.) She's always had a rough side to her, and she's so curious and exploratory that it's not abnormal for her to get hurt or come to me with a new injury to document her conquests. We're a big band-aid family, often exploring the different styles and patterns in the medicine isle. But instead of also splurging on Neosporin to use to aid the healing process, I have discovered an easy way to make an all-natural alternative. All of the ingredients in the recipe below work together to create a really powerful healing salve similar to … [Read more...]

Dairy-Free No Bake Lactation Cookies

That title is a mouthful, right? I love this recipe because it encompasses lots of things I love and some lifestyle choices I've made through motherhood. Here's a no bake version of lactation boosting cookies that I've changed into a safe alternative for mamas who go dairy-free like me. :) Dairy-Free No Bake Lactation Cookies Ingredients: 2 cups sugar (you could be fancy like me and use vanilla bean sugar) 1 cup unsweetened cocoa 1 cup dairy-free butter 1 cup rice milk 5 cups rolled oats 6 Tbsp. brewer's yeast 1 cup flaxseed (meal or ground) 1 cup crushed walnuts (optional) 1 cup peanut butter 2 tsp. vanilla Directions: Set … [Read more...]

Caffeinated Peppermint Hot Cocoa Mix

I have been trying to find an inexpensive gift for my sister for a while now. As someone who normally finishes holiday shopping before Halloween, I realized in the middle of wrapping gifts that I only bought her lame things like bras and a keychain flashlight. I'd been keeping an eye out for something fabulously her, and I found a reusable Wizard of Oz themed cup that she'd totally love. To accompany it, I wanted to include something to fill it with. Since my sister works super early shifts, I decided coffee would be rather appropriate. However, she also has a sweet tooth so I used another hot cocoa drink mix for inspiration. Below you will … [Read more...]

My Go-To Rib Recipe

I love my crock pot. I am relieved to have weather cooling down so I can makes soups and chili and all the delicious things! Florida is late on the autumn-having celebration, but we have gusts of wind now which is something to celebrate! To make the most out of our high temperatures, we celebrate summer the most in these early fall months. I recently had some friends over and I busted out my favorite ribs recipe. If I eat ribs, my go-to recipe never fails. Check it out below! This recipe is adapted from "Fix-it and Forget-it Recipes for Entertaining." Tender & Tangy Ribs 1 cup vinegar 1/2 cup ketchup 2 Tbsp sugar 2 Tbsp Worcestershire … [Read more...]

Cilantro Lime Rice Recipe

I was craving Chipotle last week and so I ventured out and spent 40 minutes in rush hour traffic so I could pig out on a delicious, over-sized burrito. It was worth it. As I'm choosing my ingredients I noticed the white rice is labeled as "cilantro lime rice." I thought I could reproduce it easily at home, so I bought a lime and a bundle of cilantro and worked on recreating the delicious rice at home. I started with just a few things: 2 cups uncooked rice 4 cups water juice from half of a lime 1 cup chopped cilantro Boil the water in your pot. When boiling, add the rice and lime juice. Cook for as long as directed or until all the … [Read more...]

Dairy-Free Pound Cake for My Annual Flag Cake!

Today is cake day. The day before the 4th I always make my flag cake. Last year I experimented with Redi Whip only to figure out that canned whipped cream tends to turn into one big melty mess! This year, because of Anders's dairy intolerance, I have to make it dairy free. So that includes both making my pound cake from scratch and figuring out a whipped cream/cream cheese solution. Talk about twice as much work! I have been a little behind on my scheduling of this kitchen project because of the wedding and other unexpected happenings, so unfortunately I am spending all day doing bits and pieces of this cake. I made the pound cake first … [Read more...]

Omi’s Naked Mice Recipe (no mice needed)

I hope all you wonderful mamas had a fabulous day today. I didn't do anything out of the ordinary really, but my baby must have gotten special vibes because he let me nap and have a pretty fuss-free day. I am glad I saved some dairy-free chocolates, too. The urge to cheat was intense today, let me tell you. One thing that is easy about going dairy free is that I can still eat all the meat I want. I'm definitely a carnivore and so most of my diet is meat-based anyway. Since going dairy free I've been eating more veggies, for sure. But meat... meat is on my list of most favorite foods after baked goods. My mother was here to visit a few weeks … [Read more...]

Dairy Free Chocolate Chip & Pecan Cookies for Gaia’s Pre-K Graduation

My baby graduated Pre-K yesterday. The ceremony was adorable and I am so proud of my little girl. She's growing so fast! It was nice celebrating everything she's accomplished and imagining all the lovely things she's going to do with the rest of her life. I'm going to cry like a baby when she starts school in the fall. After the ceremony there was a potluck. I am so glad I made these cookies because all I could eat were these delicious babies and a fit full of meatballs. Dairy Free Chocolate Chip & Pecan Cookies Ingredients: 3/4 cup butter flavored shortening 1 1/4 cups firmly packed light brown sugar 2 Tbsps. milk alternative (I … [Read more...]

My First Try at Dairy-Free Banana Bread

Anders may or may not have a dairy sensitivity. My midwife said I would see results in 4-7 days, but I've decided I can't do eggs right now so I'm cutting out mammalian products for this first week. The first day was hard and I cheated a little throughout. I guess it wasn't really day one if you think about it, but I was consciously trying to avoid certain foods and for the most part I felt successful. From there everything got easier. The more research I do, the more familiar I become with brands and various milk proteins, the more I am considering making this dairy-free diet a new lifestyle. Dairy isn't really that good for you anymore and … [Read more...]

Nutella Banana Swirl Bread

I had a horrible day yesterday. It was World Nutella Day though, so despite everything that went wrong, I still managed to throw something together to celebrate. I searched Pinterest for a while before settling on Nutella Banana Bread. Here's the recipe in case you want to make your own: Nutella Banana Bread Originally posted by Pia Recipies Ingredients: 2 cups flour 3/4 tsp. baking soda 1/2 tsp. salt 1/4 cup butter softened 1 cup sugar 2 large eggs 1 1/4 cup mashed ripe bananas 1 tsp. vanilla 1/3 cup milk 3/4 heaping cup Nutella Directions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray 8×4-inch loaf pan with nonstick spray. In a … [Read more...]