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No Poo and Hard Water… It’s “Harder” Than It Looks!

I've been no pooing off and on for the better part of four years. It all started with a desire for less maintenance overall. I had just gotten officially separated from my ex-husband and I was rebelling against his idea of the the perfect woman... who happens to also conform to all of the normal society expectations like wearing make-up, shaving, and spending hours worrying about what everyone else thought of you based on appearances. If you know me at all, you might have a clear picture as to why we couldn't possibly fall in love. Go figure! Anyhow, I just dove in one day and was like "Yeah no poo!" I started with the regular regime of … [Read more...]

Help a Sister Out with Softcup!

The dreaded postpartum period. Regardless of your decisions for the new baby's nutrition, there will eventually come a time where your period will come back and you will remember all the reasons it sucks to not actually be pregnant. For some women it's four months. The average for breastfeeding women is 7 months, and then you have the lucky ones who make it all the way past a year before ever showing signs of their cycle returning. But eventually it does come back. Drats! We talked a little last year about how horrible disposable pads and tampons were for both you and the environment. I was trying to convince everyone to make the switch to … [Read more...]

Mommy’s Club for All Walks of Life

The search for safe, eco-friendly products is always on my agenda. It's just one of those things where I'm constantly experimenting with ways to keep my home and all of it's inhabitants healthy, happy, and conscious of our impact on the environment. One day I was greeted at the door with a giant box from Mommy's Club, and the plethora of chemical-free serums blew me away! Mommy's Club is membership buying club with a selection of products that are all-natural, organic, toxic free, GMO free, vegan, made in the USA. It just doesn't get any better than that! This All-in Bundle includes Baby Shampoo, Rash & Remedy Skin Relief, Baby … [Read more...]

How to Make Homemade Neosporin

As my oldest daughter grows older, she has become an accident waiting to happen. (She takes after her clumsy aunt.) She's always had a rough side to her, and she's so curious and exploratory that it's not abnormal for her to get hurt or come to me with a new injury to document her conquests. We're a big band-aid family, often exploring the different styles and patterns in the medicine isle. But instead of also splurging on Neosporin to use to aid the healing process, I have discovered an easy way to make an all-natural alternative. All of the ingredients in the recipe below work together to create a really powerful healing salve similar to … [Read more...]

Show Your Baby’s Style with Bibdanas

I don't get the chance to meet up with the lovely ladies of my babywearing group often. I haven't been since the frantic holiday play date in early December. You'd think since I have my own car now that I'd be all over the place. I am all over the place, I just never wind up at the meetings. I have no excuse other than I prefer the smaller, quieter get-togethers. During my last appearance among the other babywearing mamas in my community, one of the little toddler boys playing in the park had an adorable scarf on. It was simple and it brought his entire outfit to inspire awe. Since I'm also friends with this mama on instagram, I got to see … [Read more...]

Custom Crunchy Wear with Allied Shirts

I have been searching and searching for a way to get my hands on some fabulous activism clothing. You can find a plethora of styles and statements depending on what issues you are dressing for, but I personally always get discouraged while shopping online for things because I want them to be tailored to my specific interests. When Allied Shirts offered me a chance to review their tee shirt customization process I thought it would be the perfect time to let my lactivsim shine! (Lactivism: advocacy of breastfeeding.) I was originally looking to give Breastfeeding Place a little shoutout and so I designed a beautiful shirt picturing a … [Read more...]

Love Your Lips with Moody Sisters Lip Balm

Fall is in the air! You may think I am late on this realization, but the truth is that us Floridians don't get that crisp autumn air until much later than everyone else. Thing shave just began to cool down for us at night, the warm sun still shining down in the peak of each afternoon. Changes in the seasons are lovely, but often come with their own complaints.¬†Moody Sisters Organic Skincare provides natural solutions for all your basic bath and body needs. Dry skin and chapped lips are often a part of the colder months. I struggle a lot with keeping my skin and lips moisturized. I am grateful to have found a deliciously soft lip balm from … [Read more...]

Dry Shampoo for the Busy Girl on the Go

I've talked before about my desire to shower less. I tend to shower about twice a week or after really gross activities. I like to utilize something I've come to call a "whore's bath" (excuse my French). Basically in between showers I grab a washrag and wash my girly bits and underarms and sometimes my feet. I don't like to shower unless my hair gets gross. Of course, the summer has me bathing more because those hot hot days make my hair oily faster. Not anymore! I was offered a chance to "try it dry" by experimenting with Batiste Dry Shampoo. I've used basic corn starch powders in my hair before in emergencies to soak up some oil, but … [Read more...]

Irish Twins Soap Co. Review

As part of our family's goal towards moving into more natural ways of living, I've been spending quite some time looking for replacement products that see every day use. My bathroom is nearly there, and with the addition of the fabulous Honey Almond Rustic Soap from Irish Twins Soap Co. we're that much closer! I have a horrible time with all things soap. As you can imagine with a curious 5-year-old and a new-to-the-world baby boy, soap is a big part of our lives. I find myself washing my hands all the time, but once the hand-washing routines got more regular my hands began to pay the price. I had some anti-bacterial soap that I was forced to … [Read more...]

A Healthy Retreat for Pits in the Summer Heat

It is hot here in Florida. And I mean HOT. I've been a horrible, selfish mother and have been trying to keep the kids entertained inside for the sake of less sweating. Our A/C is blasting, and somehow we can still sweat a little inside. Going to the pool is sometimes a viable option, but everyone else in my apartment complex has the same idea and so the water gets warm and it becomes pointless navigating the crowded water with children in tow. It's not even worth it, and so we've been staying inside most of the time. As I've mentioned before, I'm not a huge fan of shaving my armpits for personal reasons. In that post I also write about how I … [Read more...]