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What is Mother Roasting?

Western culture is funny when it comes to respecting the new role of motherhood. It was apparent that my community here lacked support for mothers, so I decided to take all of my training and knowledge and apply it to helping moms in their postpartum period. Though there's plenty of room for the practical side of celebrating the fourth trimester, I like my life with a bit of "woo woo" sprinkled in. Back in March I had the pleasure of attending a holistic postpartum doula training. I learned how to do many things, but our focus was based on the mother roasting traditions around the world. Mother roasting is a universal practice that … [Read more...]

Bring on the Baby! {Giveaway}

Welcome to the Bring on the Baby Giveaway event hosted by Atta Mama and Optimistic Mommy. This giveaway is meant to celebrate the expanding family all the way through the first year of life. Read more on the fabulous prize sponsors and how to enter below! Spring has definitely sprung and there's something in the water! Babies everywhere, am I right? Efforts to ride the baby wave resulted in the Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide at This gift guide is a resource for new moms and seasoned parents to find the newest, most practical items to make their parenting journey easy and hassle free. Teaming up with some of those same amazing … [Read more...]

Mommy’s Club for All Walks of Life

The search for safe, eco-friendly products is always on my agenda. It's just one of those things where I'm constantly experimenting with ways to keep my home and all of it's inhabitants healthy, happy, and conscious of our impact on the environment. One day I was greeted at the door with a giant box from Mommy's Club, and the plethora of chemical-free serums blew me away! Mommy's Club is membership buying club with a selection of products that are all-natural, organic, toxic free, GMO free, vegan, made in the USA. It just doesn't get any better than that! This All-in Bundle includes Baby Shampoo, Rash & Remedy Skin Relief, Baby … [Read more...]

Moments with Baby #1

Today I am 40 weeks 3 days pregnant. I admit that this last week or so kind of taught me something about patience. Being huge and miserable had taken its toll on me and I was doing every natural-inducing thing I could find on the internet. They all come with small print of course: "If your body or baby is not ready you will not go into labor." I've had days with contractions that come and go in waves sometimes lasting for hours only to have them fizzle out as soon as I considered calling anybody. It's all quite exhausting and I'm convinced my sanity is intact because of my ability to find and manipulate various sleeping positions. There is … [Read more...]

Preparations in Progress

Hello friends! I am in so much pain and so miserable I haven't been doing much of anything besides preparing for the baby's arrival. I'm hoping if I stay busy worrying about that he'll eventually show his adorable face. There's not much setting up left to do, but I'm reminded of little things every day when I imagine him being around. The below photo should help summarize: I'm laughing because Gaia is actually being a total creep and is hiding behind me. She was photo bombing me pretty badly when Hutch was trying to get this picture. If you look to the right of the slightly-offensive car sticker my sister gifted me, you'll see Tonks being … [Read more...]

Daddy Scrubs Are Too Perfect for My Man

I am so proud of Hutch. I don't think he realizes how awesome he is, but he's been bustin' his buns trying to do things to make our life together amazing. Although plenty of things were in motion before we found out we were pregnant, he's really stepped up to the plate and given his all to try and secure a future for us. In case you didn't know, he's been going to X-ray tech. school for nearly 15 months now. He's a baker right now for Publix grocery stores, but after lying for 3 years about eventually making him full-time, he had to do something else with his life. (He's a really good baker though, which comes in handy.) So in 2011 he … [Read more...]

Midwife came today

My midwife came for the 36 home visit today. She wanted to make sure she knew where to find me, that we had everything in order for the birth, and to generally get a feel for what we wanted for our son's arrival should he choose to do so soon. It is all still so surreal when I think about it. Because I have so many dates in my chart, anytime I go into labor at this point is fair game. It's weird to think that we'll have a new tiny baby to enjoy soon! Have I mentioned how much I love my midwife? She's this adorable southern girl with perfect hair who gets to help deliver babies as a career. I can't help but to be sort of jealous. She's very … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Manage Joint Pain in Pregnancy

You aren't supposed to hurt in pregnancy. Did you know that? With my daughter I didn't start hurting until the last few weeks and people would tell me it was normal. With this one I started hurting at 7 weeks... before I even started bloating! I can't tell you if it was from the relaxin hormone or just normal pregnancy changes affecting my spine, but the sacroiliac pain started right away. Then of course the pubic bone began to override any lower back pain and now that's all I can think about. My support system with this pregnancy says it isn't supposed to hurt though. Granted I may have some underlying spinal issues to take care of after … [Read more...]

How Butt Bench Helps My Pregnancy Pain

Here is my view these days: The baby is totally fun. He's constantly moving, shoving his toes into various parts of my torso like it's no big deal. He's been head down for a while and that's a good thing. However, he is also super low in my pelvis and that causes me lots of pain. In addition to the sacroiliac pain I started experiencing at 7 weeks, I started getting symphysis pubis dysfunction around 30 weeks or so. Getting out of bed is sometimes impossible if I'm alone. I've woken up in the middle of the night crying because I forget I hurt and I have severe pain when I change positions. I waddle everywhere, and sometimes sitting down and … [Read more...]

Sweet Pink Designs

This post is part of my big Blogiversary Celebration! Don't forget to enter the giveaway and stay tuned all week for fun promotional codes and goodies justĀ  for you, my readers! I won a giveaway not too long ago and Sweet Pink Designs was part of the prize pack. Now I totally loved all my prizes (I got a crap-ton of ad space and met a lot of really cool bloggers), but these printables from Ann at Sweet Pink Designs took the cake. Check out the swag I got for my upcoming baby shower in February: We got some awesome invitations for our mustache party. Pip pip! And matching favor tags, of course! And you know what? Ann is so super nice … [Read more...]