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“Knock You on Your Sacrum” Sangria

So I have this chiropractor friend who is wonderfully awesome. I met her in Orlando while practicing childbirth as a midwife's assistant. She specializes in pregnancy and childbirth adjustments and often would come to the aid of women in labor helping to turn backward babies and ease contractions for mothers with severe back labor. Not only is she awesome in her profession, but she's a very down to Earth woman and a joy to be around! She's gratefully passed on her sangria recipe for all us mamas to "wine down" after a long day. It's delicious, I tell you! Dr. Cindy’s “Knock You on Your Sacrum” Sangria Ingredients: 3 L red burgundy … [Read more...]

The beer in Beer Bread matters.

Sunday afternoon I decided to purchase some Shock Top Raspberry Wheat beer while grocery shopping. I suppose Gaia's father was jealous because he then had to run to the gas station to get some Coors Light. I drank 3 and a half beers on Sunday and I went to bed early. Ever since then I have been staring at my half bottle of Shock Top on the counter. I didn't throw it out because I was going to make beer bread. Today I decided to make some (my first loaf in over 6 months). I used to buy Miller High Life specifically for this bread. It tasted great for this recipe. I won't really drink High Life if I'm starting out sober. The closest you'll … [Read more...]