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These Love Birds Got Hitched!

It's done. I'm married, guys! I want to lead by telling you how disastrous the wedding was, but it was kind of magical at the same time. Long story short it rained on the afternoon of my modest backyard shindig. In fact, the rain began as we were saying our vows giving us only an hour to enjoy all the pretty decorations before having to move what we could inside (and that was only thanks to a lovely neighbor offering up his canopy for guests). It was cramped inside my father's home, to say the least, but we managed to ride out the storm among friends and family. We only scared off a few people with our shoulder-to-shoulder shenanigans and … [Read more...]

It’s a Free for Fall! {Giveaway Hop}

Welcome to the It's a Free for Fall Giveaway Hop, hosted by the Blogging Mamas Network. The days are getting a bit cooler and Fall is just around the corner! We're celebrating the upcoming season with a fun giveaway hop. Each blogger in the hop has a prize for you worth at least $25, so don't forget to hop around to them all in the linky at the bottom of this post. For my prize here at Atta Mama, I'll be giving away one print/canvas up to $75 from Fulcrum Gallery! Fulcrum Gallery is an online art print store with thousands of choices from art classics to modern posters. Looking for your own version of The Starry Night? No problem! Or … [Read more...]

Adding Decorative Flare with Fulcrum Gallery {Review}

Last month I had some hiccups in arranging the layout of my living room. We have quite an eclectic way of decorating that is mostly centered around friends' art or found pieces. However, I am a huge breastfeeding advocate and I adore older breastfeeding portraits. My favorite is a rare gem by Jan Sanders van Hemessen circa 1544 called "Maria med Barnet." I first fell in love back in 2011 (about a year from my breastfeeding in art post), but it surprisingly isn't very popular and until Google popularized it's "search by image" feature I couldn't really find anything about it at all. (Yet another way technology is helpful, right?) Sadly I … [Read more...]

Once Upon a Time… {Doodle Hugs Review}

There once was a girl named Gaia. She loved mermaids and papaya. She drew one with pink hair Who just didn't care. I tell you, this girl was on fire! I made that up. It seemed fitting. I'm also writing again at 3am. I was totally doing this decent hour thing for a while there but I've fallen off the bandwagon again. This happens when I get overwhelmed and feel busier than I should be. I am cursed I tell you! Good thing the poem is fitting considering... Gaia got the best present ever a few weeks ago. I left it as a total surprise and I got like super dooper mom points, too. Gaia loves to draw. You can't tell by her homework, but in her free … [Read more...]

Green Tea Ice Cream by Kiyasu Oka

My lovely sponsor, Kiyasu, drew me a lovely little picture. She says it's inspired by her love for Green Tea Ice Cream ("even better with red beans"). It totally brightened my day and so I'm sharing it with you... You can visit Kiyasu at her graphic design website: … [Read more...]

Homemade Watercolor Paints

My daughter is very artistic. I try my best to support her interest in being creative because I had that taken away from me when I was younger. She loves to draw, write, and basically do anything with her hands. Yesterday, since it was Martin Luther King Day and she was home with me all day, we decided to make some home made paints. I love the amount of concentration she puts into her masterpieces. I'm running out of room because these days I'm just about in love with every piece of work she creates. My mom sent me this recipe ages ago. Here it is for you in case you'd like to share it with your little ones. It was my first time … [Read more...]

Mandalas for Mourning

I had different plans today, but today had different plans for me as well. Friday a person who played a significant part in my soul searching during my youth passed away. She laughed with me, consoled me in times of intense sadness, loaned me money, shared her food, crashed at my house, and played with my daughter. I am terribly saddened today to discover such a beautiful being is gone from this land. Rest in peace, dear Meg. I had these circle cardboard pieces from my pot and pan set I was gifted during the holidays. I was waiting to be inspired, and today Gaia and I made mandalas as part of mommy's improvised art therapy. The word … [Read more...]

Starbucks is Lame.

Today was laundry day. I don't normally hate laundry so much, but I have to fight for my turn. Yes, the laundry unit is right next door and I have to fight for my turn. The walls are thin, so if I keep the house quiet I can hear the dryer or lack there of. Each load costs $3. It sucks, too, cause the three of us can produce I lot of laundry. My complex is trying to be all cute and professional. Today we received the new newsletter. They've officially changed the name to Garden Isles so isn't that spiffy? I also got my first religious solicitor. It was a cute Asian lady inviting me to festivities Thursday. I'll probably go because she said it … [Read more...]

Humanities Day – Liz Clements

Today I'm going to share with you some art from Liz Clements. Tell me this isn't awesome. I dare you. Also, this one has me convinced I need a tattoo of a mermaid skeleton.   Her portfolio website is still in the making. For now visit her Tumbler. (All these photos are credit to Liz Clements.) … [Read more...]

Humanities Day – Womanly Figures

Writing an Essay comparing and contrasting these two lovely ladies: Edouard Manet - Olympia [source] Titian - Venus of Urbino [source] … [Read more...]