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Midwife came today

My midwife came for the 36 home visit today. She wanted to make sure she knew where to find me, that we had everything in order for the birth, and to generally get a feel for what we wanted for our son's arrival should he choose to do so soon. It is all still so surreal when I think about it. Because I have so many dates in my chart, anytime I go into labor at this point is fair game. It's weird to think that we'll have a new tiny baby to enjoy soon! Have I mentioned how much I love my midwife? She's this adorable southern girl with perfect hair who gets to help deliver babies as a career. I can't help but to be sort of jealous. She's very … [Read more...]

Hump Day Bump Day – Third Trimester!

I keep asking Hutch to do adorable belly painting (he's a pretty good artist when he wants to be), but he's been slacking all day and I really want to post this. So you get a crappy webcam photo. Horrah! I totally need to paint my nails, or at least take off my Christmas polish completely. I am such a slacker in the nail department. I'm waiting for that nesting thing to kick in so I can actually find the motivation to do all these things. The baby is head down and super low already. He's totally messing with my pelvis and I hurt so bad it's hard to move around and do fun stuff. Gaia and I are lazing ont he couch right now watching Bobby's … [Read more...]

Bump Update (23 weeks)

I'm sure most moms are out getting crazy with the sales today. I am mostly finished, and we went by Wal-Mart last night on our way home from turkey dinner to pick up some stuff. Hutch got Gaia the guitar she wanted for Christmas, and I snagged up some pajamas, a bed set, and and art set for her birthday. (She'll be 5 in just over two weeks, isn't that somethin'?) So no, I'm not shopping today. I'll see what I can find on Cyber Monday if I feel the need to purchase anymore Christmas gifts. Our appointment Wednesday went well. I gained another 8 pounds, which to me was surprising because I thought I'd lost a little weight and evened out all … [Read more...]

A Thrift Store Adventure

I need a new camera. Lately mine has been doing this weird thing where it blurs any photo that needs flash. I've cleaned the flash, I've cleaned the lens. I have no idea what's going on with it really. It makes me not want to take pictures of anything, bah. Anyhow, I really like second-hand stores. It's been my go-to method of obtaining items forever. I'm probably going to go again today because I realized I am short a casserole dish for Thanksgiving. That just isn't cool, you know? I introduced Hutch to Once Upon A Child this past weekend. I had a bag of Gaia's clothes that needed to be donated, but I always like to see if I can get … [Read more...]

It’s a boy!

Yes, that's right ladies and gentlemen. Our household is very please to announce that a penis was spotted during our ultrasound last week. If you've been dying to know then imagine how I feel waiting to tell you! I always wanted to be pregnant for Halloween to do this and I finally did. Check out our announcements!!! Hutch drew the little ghosties and I assembled the rest. The ultrasound photo is our favorite one of the bunch. He has his little foot in the air and his thumb in his mouth. He's totally just relaxin' and being chill. I love him so much already. I'm elated! I panicked for a second when the boy parts were revealed. I have … [Read more...]

My Happy List

I have to admit, being happy doesn't always come easy for me. It's gotten a whole lot easier as this pregnancy progresses though, so I suppose that mean my hormones are leveling off and things are becoming a lot like normal around here. Yesterday while watching The Walking Dead with Hutch the baby was making a lot of fuss about something in there. My placenta is in the front, so the midwife told us that it might take longer to be able to feel movement from the outside. Since he was so active though, I took daddy's hand and pushed it down where I could feel all the ruckus. It took about three minutes, but sure enough Hutch could feel strong … [Read more...]

Hump Day Bump Day – 20 weeks

I swear I'm never going to get a good photo of myself this pregnancy... On with the questions! How far along? 20 weeks Total weight gain/measurements: Total gain is 12 pounds Sleep: Sleep would be fine if I got any. Between my hip pain and my inability to stay asleep these days, it's coming in just a few hour stretches. I love nap times, lemme tell you. Maternity clothes: Yeah, I bought some before my cruise from Old Navy online. Stretch marks? No new ones. Best moment this week: Seeing my little bundle on the ultrasound yesterday! Miss anything? Being able to scuba dive on vacation. :( Movement: I can make him move by laying on my belly. … [Read more...]

Determined to be pain free…

When I was bigger in my pregnancy with Gaia, my back pains got worse with lots of pain throughout all my lower regions. I had a crying fit in my midwife's office about how I wasn't sure if I could trust my body to do what I needed it to to birth my beautiful baby. I did still have the natural birth I wanted with minimal pain and effort. However, throughout all these years (almost 5 years, oh my where has the time gone!) I still need help off the floor. A crappy nights sleep would warrant a horrible day ahead. I never escaped the pain that came with being pregnant and giving birth to my mini beebs. When I barely started swelling up with this … [Read more...]

Hump Day Bump Day! Post Numero Uno…

Yes folks, it's true. We are expecting a lovely addition to our family. This photo was taken after our last appointment which was on or around 15 weeks... Pay no attention to my lovely hair do... I did not tell you guys sooner because we had some issues with consistency around dating. My EDD according to my last period was March 3rd, but my first ultrasound said March 17th. Then I went in for my 12 week appointment and there was no heartbeat via Doppler, so we had to have another ultrasound, which dated me at March 22nd. All of this really freaked me out, but my midwife reassured me that everything was fine and last Wednesday we got a … [Read more...]