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#MilkMakinMamas KoalaKin Nursing Pouch Giveaway

KoalaKin Nursing Pouch Giveaway Hosted by: mama pure Co-Hosted by: Healthy Baby Beans Sponsored by: KoalaKin The Milk Makin' Mamas Event is a month long celebration of breastfeeding & pumping product reviews, giveaways, education & inspiration. Be sure to check out all of the giveaways in the event. The KoalaKin Nursing Pouch allows for hands-free breastfeeding that is comfortable for mama and baby. It was designed with mamas of busy toddler's in mind so you can walk and move while breastfeeding and is ergonomic to protect your back, neck, and arms. The design allows for easy adjustment of baby's position so that you can switch sides … [Read more...]

Hipster: A New Kind of Babywearing

I love Kickstarter. I have supported lots of cool, innovative products on that website and I run across awesome campaigns every month. The new campaign for the HIPSTER™ carrier by Miamily is so fun and fresh that there's no reason not to contribute to such an awesome product. I was given a HIPSTER™ carrier in blue to test so that I can tell you why you should back this amazing Kickstarter campaign. The HIPSTER™ comes in three parts. First up we have the essential hip belt. Now to me this is the most exciting thing because as the mother of a toddler the world has a lot to offer his tiny baby bod as far as exploration is concerned. I'm sad … [Read more...]

That Time I Watched 5 Kids By Myself (Boba to the Rescue!)

I used to work in childbirth so I have a  weakness for moms struggling to follow their dreams in doing the same. As a family, I don't have anyone to provide 24/7 child care for me to do that so I try to do my part by helping out friends when I can. It's my way of keeping my foot in the door, so to speak. Noon last Friday I was called to a friend's house. She needed me for anywhere up to 9 hours (so most of the day). I obliged and packed my kids for a day at a house other than my own. I had been emaning to unblug a bit anyway, however I must admit that this wasn't as "relaxing" as I thought. Go figure. As Amanda the birth photographer headed … [Read more...]

Putting My Memories to Work {Review & Giveaway}

Time flies when you're having fun. So true! May has been filled with so much fun and excitement it's hard to believe it is almost over. Where is 2014 going?! It's running away and I can't keep up! I'm trying my best to stay organized among my studies, this blog, and normal family stuff like playdates and weekend adventures. I have some exciting things planned for the summer like concerts, theme parks, and road trips. I'm also gearing up for next year. I'll be completing my student teaching and homeschooling at the same time! Yes, I do believe I am a tad bit insane... It is very important that I stay organized. I do have a blog planner and … [Read more...]

That Time I Spoiled Myself.

Remember that time I said I wasn't a wrapper? I was lusting after Kakadi Ahoi so hard and I just couldn't get it out of my head. After everyone caught a glimpse of the original the pre-order last fall blew up! I still couldn't afford it then, but I tried. I contacted friends and family and almost had everyone pitch in for Christmas. But not enough people thought it to be important. So the sale ended and I assumed it was gone forever. And then the pre-orders arrived and everyone who just had to have one didn't like it. It wasn't as thick, this new version of Ahoi. And the colors weren't as fluid. It caused a big stink on the babywearing … [Read more...]

DIY Ring Sling Baby Carrier

I have a confession. I gave away my Hava Ring Sling. I know, how could I give away a carrier? Well, truth is I just have so many women having babies around me that I needed to spread the babywearing love! But I missed it. I love the ring sling because it's easy to adjust and comfortable. When I found osnaburg fabric for super cheap a few months ago, I grabbed a few yards and dyed them a beautiful rainbow color and got some sling rings to prepare for the awesomeness that is this project. I then let it sit around for a few months until I had so many fellow bloggers like "um where's that tutorial, girl?!" that I had no choice but to just do … [Read more...]

Keep Baby Close with Lalabu

A lot of moms agree that keeping their newborn close is a top priority. When babies are near us they feel safe. Being close to mom regulates breathing, body temperature, and allows for a more in sync bonding experience for both mom and baby. Generally parents who want this constant closeness reach for a wrap or baby carrier. Though very popular, wraps can be clunky or intimidating. The Lalabu Soothe Shirt™ strives to offer the same comfort of a wrap without the hassle of a carrier. Meet Ashlee and baby Nathan. Ashlee is my local admin for the Tampa Bay Babywearing group. Nathan is an HBAC baby born at home in March. As you can see, he is … [Read more...]

Keeping Baby Warm with Zipadee Zip

I'm beating myself up right now. Despite my efforts to stay on top of our illnesses, things got a little crazy after we returned home from our Spring Break. I found myself snuggling in bed most of the last week next to a sick baby. I guess when it comes down to it, we just weren't prepared for the craziness that was the Spring-Winter-Spring weather we encountered in Kentucky. The weather here in Florida is rainy and muggy. As we recover from our illness, I'm slowly but surely getting back into the swing of things. Like going outside and enjoying my sweet little neighborhood. And baby wearing of course! I asked on my Facebook page about … [Read more...]

Oh Mei! (A Carrier That Meets Me in the Middle)

There are so many ways to keep your baby close while tending to the craziness that seems to unfold in motherhood. Most of the women in my local group tend to reach for woven wraps, but I'm more of a mix between a mei tai carrier and a soft-structured carrier. That's exactly why I'm loving my new Oh Mei! by Babyhawk. This awesome half-buckle carrier has the best of both worlds and keeps my baby close while allowing me to be hands-free. I always have a carrier on hand for all kinds of outings and adventures. I used to keep my Babyhawk mei tai in my car, but as Anders grows heavier I feel like the waist straps become quite diggy on my hips. I … [Read more...]

Keep Your Baby Close with a Hava Ring Sling {review & giveaway}

Babywearing is one of my favorite things to do as a mom. With my daughter I had quite the collection - one of each kind of carrier! As the years went by the carriers changed, and so I sold or traded my collection in order to try new things and adapt to my new baby's preferences. In my search I discovered Hava slings, which I had not heard of before. I had a SlingEZee with my daughter and I missed it, so upon searching the website I discovered Hava. Hava ring slings are a version of SlingEZee slings, but have 1/3 of the padding and come in a variety of prints and styles to compliment everyone. Created in 2009, Hava slings are meant to keep … [Read more...]