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One Happy Toddler! {Happy Family Brands Review & Giveaway}

I have a very happy baby. If you don't already know there are a few things you can do to keep your growing toddler happy. Make sure he gets lots of sleep, play with him, and let him have access to food that will satisfy his appetite. And as those babies grow and learn to do all kinds of physical activities, they'll need more food to keep up with the energy demands. We look to Happy Family Brands to keep our little guy satisfied while constantly on the go! Happy Baby snacks have been a staple to fill the spaces between meals for quite some time now. As Anders grows teeth and develops his mastication skills, we've transitioned into full … [Read more...]

Bring on the Baby! {Giveaway}

Welcome to the Bring on the Baby Giveaway event hosted by Atta Mama and Optimistic Mommy. This giveaway is meant to celebrate the expanding family all the way through the first year of life. Read more on the fabulous prize sponsors and how to enter below! Spring has definitely sprung and there's something in the water! Babies everywhere, am I right? Efforts to ride the baby wave resulted in the Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide at This gift guide is a resource for new moms and seasoned parents to find the newest, most practical items to make their parenting journey easy and hassle free. Teaming up with some of those same amazing … [Read more...]

Celebrating Milestones as Anders Turns One {Dr. Brown’s Review}

Last weekend my son turned one. It was a magical time full of casual friend encounters and a simple home-baked cake. My fiance and I spent a majority of the day reminiscing about the baby we made and welcoming this active, emerging toddler into another year of wondrous life. While recapping our favorite memories, we realized how interesting the first year of life is. There are times of ups and downs, and there are times where you have no idea what you are doing. Whether it's your first time or your fifth time, parenthood is always full of surprises. Like those days where I thought I'd never get to leave Anders because I couldn't find the … [Read more...]

Celebrating Milestones with ChooMee

I held off giving my baby solids on a  regular basis because I absolutely hate weaning so early. I love that breast milk is the perfect nutrition for my son right now and heck, could you say no to free food? And let's face it... Who wants to deal with the table manners tabula rasa that comes with infancy? I hate the never-ending messes, not to mention the diaper output. I'm also moderately inconvenienced by having to sit there completely focused on this tiny drunk person trying to shove weird fistfuls of food into their mouth. At nine months old I decided to give in a little. I started out with some purees around I made with my Fresh … [Read more...]

Show Your Baby’s Style with Bibdanas

I don't get the chance to meet up with the lovely ladies of my babywearing group often. I haven't been since the frantic holiday play date in early December. You'd think since I have my own car now that I'd be all over the place. I am all over the place, I just never wind up at the meetings. I have no excuse other than I prefer the smaller, quieter get-togethers. During my last appearance among the other babywearing mamas in my community, one of the little toddler boys playing in the park had an adorable scarf on. It was simple and it brought his entire outfit to inspire awe. Since I'm also friends with this mama on instagram, I got to see … [Read more...]

Making your own baby food is fun!

I'm a planner. I get stressed out when I don't have future events taken care of. Anders is 4 and  half months old now and I'm already feeling the pressure to start him on solids! I took the time today to reflect on what I did with Gaia and the easiest way to incorporate my favorite parts of transitioning her from strictly breast milk to trying new "people food." One thing I remember with my first child is that I hated jarred baby food. It was always easier to just mash up what we were eating for dinner. Feeding my children delicious real food is something I want to keep as part of the whole baby food ordeal. Doing that is even easier now that … [Read more...]