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Adding Happiness to Birthdays with Poster Cards from Hallmark

Disclaimer: I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for #CollectiveBias and its advertiser. I love mail. If you know me at all you've heard that a thousand times by now, I'm sure. I find myself constantly on the fence about this new technological age because not many people take advantage of snail mail anymore. When it comes to special occasions I like to send people a little something extra in the mail. Even if they're local to me, I like to send them that card that says "Happy housewarming!" or "Happy anniversary!" It's just my way of … [Read more...]

Gift Idea: Gum Roll Ups

My little sister's birthday is today. At 23 she's not so little anymore, but I still will always think of her as a petite princess lost in the crazy world. (She's pretty much a princess.) Anyhow, Princess Ashton loves gum. So for this birthday I supplemented some of my favorite beauty supplies with a creative throwback from my days at summer camp. It's really easy to put together and adds that special "I love you" flare I like to include in gifts that need a handmade touch. You just need Big League Chew and your favorite flavor of stick gum. I like Juicy Fruit, but you can use any flavor. Grab a marble sized chunk of Big League and mold … [Read more...]

Celebrating Milestones as Anders Turns One {Dr. Brown’s Review}

Last weekend my son turned one. It was a magical time full of casual friend encounters and a simple home-baked cake. My fiance and I spent a majority of the day reminiscing about the baby we made and welcoming this active, emerging toddler into another year of wondrous life. While recapping our favorite memories, we realized how interesting the first year of life is. There are times of ups and downs, and there are times where you have no idea what you are doing. Whether it's your first time or your fifth time, parenthood is always full of surprises. Like those days where I thought I'd never get to leave Anders because I couldn't find the … [Read more...]

Learning to Fully Enjoy My Day {Post- #BWFOrlando Thoughts}

I'm planning this trip to Kentucky to visit my best friend and my mom's side of the family. We're all actually from Florida, they just all managed to up and leave towards the same general area. Total weirdos if you ask me. I forgot it's still winter everywhere else. I don't know what I'm going to do in the snow. And I'm taking my kids and braving it alone and I'm terrified I might explode. Both from anticipation and anxiety. But I am gathering supplies for the Once Upon a Time sampler so I'll be picking up cross stitch here soon. I actually have half the colors already and the necessary needles, it was just a matter of getting the fabric … [Read more...]

A Day Just for Sewing

I turned 27 on Monday. It was a super relaxed day and nothing too celebratory happened. I did take part in some Waffle House breakfast and a free Starbucks coffee, but after all that I hurried home to spend an entire day on my new serger. An entire day! When I sew I generally have to break a project up into little baby steps. If I get strait to work in the mornings this is my biggest stretch of free time. But generally what happens is after waking up I decide "oh let me google this" or "I wonder if so-and-so emailed me back." Then I get sucked into internet world and before I know it that precious time of independent play is over and it's … [Read more...]

It’s a Pirate Party!

Winter is a packed month for us when it comes to birthdays. We have Gaia up first in December, then Hutch in January (along with my mom), then me in February, and Anders will be one in March. It happens to be packed around Christmas with our friends and family. I have several friends who were born on or around Christmas, including Gaia's friend Noah, who turned 4 on December 26th last year. To make sure he had his own day, my friends postponed his celebration a few weeks. Last Sunday we were honored to take part in a fabulous party. The theme? Jake and the Neverland Pirates of course! It was an old fashioned … [Read more...]

Celebrating with Zeenie Dollz

Another year has flown by. It seems just yesterday we were celebrating five and graduating from Pre-K. As my mother used to say, she will always be my baby. However, this little girl is all kid now. She's very into dresses, but she puts pants or shorts on because she wants to climb things and tumble around. She likes to explore and I love that about her. Watching her turn into her own person and figure out her identity is awesome. I've been trying to teach her more about how things work in the environment. I consider myself to be a pretty environmentally-friendly individual.  I try to reuse things as much as possible, teach Gaia about where … [Read more...]

Where I’ve Been.

That motivation thing that leaves me and reappears suddenly is at an off period. I apologize, but things have been a tad crazy around these parts. I feel quite overwhelmed finishing up my last online class and preparing for the baby. Today is my birthday and I decided to cry because I'm 26 and I feel as though not enough forward progression has been made. I am steadily working towards a goal or two, but overall I feel like I should have accomplished more at this point. Yes, I realize twenty-six is not old at all. The celebratory feeling might just be masked by the impending birth of baby #2. I can't tell, but I know I just imagined to be at … [Read more...]

How to Make Your Own Ice Cream Cake

Hutch's birthday was on Saturday and I'm really bad at procrastinating so I got a head start on his cake. Good thing too because it was nearly a failed disaster! If you're in the market to make your own ice cream cake, I suggest doing this with several hours to spare because things like softening and hardening ice cream and baking and cooling cakes can be time consuming. Giving yourself a few days is smart. I only saved this one because I had tons of time on my hands and super-love determination. If you're wondering why I'm making ice cream cakes in January it is because the sunshine state is an annoying 80 degrees in the middle of winter. … [Read more...]

Post-Birthday Update

I've managed to score some free internet at our resort. Don't ask me how. It's magic, I tell you! Tonight was eventful. I met my ex's girlfriend and her rambunctious little boy. They were very nice and interesting folk and I have no regrets there. My hope for the future is that we can all be friends. I have hopes of huge gatherings with my ex-husband and his as well as me and mine. I know this idea seems a bit naive, but a girl can hope for eternal peace. I forgot my camera (not that it'd do me any good since it's so fickle these days). Hutch snapped some shots with his cell... Here's the cake. We bought a cake for today because I made … [Read more...]