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How to Switch from GoDaddy to a New Host

A brief history of Atta Mama: I started on Blogger in January of 2012. I purchased a domain name through GoDaddy, eventually. In 2013 Blogelina was offering free hosting for her subscribers. As an amazing intro into the world of blogging I trusted the products she endorsed and I jumped on board. Then I moved to Wordpress and rebranded into the Atta Mama blog you see today. In 2014 I applied a coupon and simply renewed my hosting plan. I wound up getting it pretty cheap and had no outstanding issues, however there was always a haunting feeling that in order to grow I needed to switch to a better hosting company. I'll tell you what was … [Read more...]

Follower Appreciation Giveaway!

I was trying to wait until I got to 200 followers on GFC, but I've been frozen at 188 for ages, and I just got 189 a few weeks ago after a very long stalemate. I'm just too impatient. My Facebook, however, is blowing up lately! Most likely it is because I got so excited about the holidays I signed up for all these awesome Christmas giveaways. Lack of GFC followers or no, I have this intense urge to celebrate the growth of my blog thus far. I am going to offer one lucky reader two super special items! The first is a custom children's winter beanie. This personalized item is listed in my store for about $10. I can make pretty much any color, … [Read more...]

Super Awsome Bloggy Scavenger Hunt

I decided to jump on in on this fun little scavenger hunt at Little Homemade Housewife. It looks really fun and perfect for my sense of appreciation for other bloggers. I've really been feelin' the love lately and what better way to show it than a little shout out scavenger thingy? Yeah?! WILD I once won some ad space on Elf House Chronicles and I fell in love when visiting her blog for the first time to enter. Manda is super fun and honest and I visit her all the time to see what she's up to. POST I'VE READ MORE THAN ONCE I always hop over to see Kaylah and read about how to turn my hair pastel colors. One day it will be light lavender... … [Read more...]

Feather Hair Extensions + Giveaway

So we did the hair extensions today. Don't mind how poofy my hair is. It always poofs up until I sleep on it. Which is why I shower later in the day and don't wash it often. Gaia had a yellow one, but she pulled it out less than an hour after we did it. They are meant to last a few weeks, so she wound up ripping out some hair too, but didn't seem to notice until I pointed it out. I didn't do it "the right way," as I am no salon expert. I watched this video, and I used a piece of thread to make a loop to feed my hair through the bead. I then used some big heavy duty man pliers to squish the bead and apply the extension. It worked fine, so … [Read more...]