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How to Switch from GoDaddy to a New Host

A brief history of Atta Mama: I started on Blogger in January of 2012. I purchased a domain name through GoDaddy, eventually. In 2013 Blogelina was offering free hosting for her subscribers. As an amazing intro into the world of blogging I trusted the products she endorsed and I jumped on board. Then I moved to Wordpress and rebranded into the Atta Mama blog you see today. In 2014 I applied a coupon and simply renewed my hosting plan. I wound up getting it pretty cheap and had no outstanding issues, however there was always a haunting feeling that in order to grow I needed to switch to a better hosting company. I'll tell you what was … [Read more...]

Introducing Earthly Educator {Clueless Momma Designs Giveaway}

In case you are unaware, I am currently working on my Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education. I attend classes online and I'm nearing the end so it's all getting very exciting! I'm starting to work with children, and I'm getting comfortable in the classroom. One of the many things I've learned during my work towards this degree is that an effective teacher puts effort into reflecting on his or her lessons. There are several ways to do this and it is unique to the teacher. I've decided to take my love for blogging and apply it to this new stepping stone in my life. I introduce to you Earthly Educator! This website is very much a baby … [Read more...]

Ready for a New Year

I have been contemplating the direction this blog is headed for a while now. With the birth of my son this past year things kind of fell off there for a while. Moving, my daughter starting school, my journey into furthering my own career as a teacher... it all just added up and I wasn't able to dedicate myself to this blog as much as I wanted to. I want that to change. All of those life things will still be around, but I want very much to continue sharing my life's success stories with you. I want to share my failures, too, so that maybe one day you might learn from them. I want to get back into posting about my crafts and my adventures in … [Read more...]

Moving to WordPress

My family did a big move yesterday. Thankfully our new home isn't too far away and that my amazing boyfriend has some wonderful friends to come help. We're very excited to be out of our old complex and we've all decided to make other changes in our lives to refelct our excitment for the future. Though I have a lot of personal goals I would like to work on for my family and my home, my blog has been something I have struggled with off and on since the beginning. The lovely Jessica of Lilipop Designs is giving Shary Loves You a makeover. Excuse the mess for the next couple of days, and I hope you're pleased with the changes!   … [Read more...]

Layout Launch & Monday Monotony

I'll have you know this layout took me 4 hours this morning just to look good. And it's not anything like what I designed last night. I had to do tons of cropping and Googling. I'm not even bad with website guts, I just don't work well with Blogger I guess. Anyhow, this will have to do for now. If you're viewing this in a reader please stop by and check it out. It is truly splendid and features a sketch that the boyfriend made for me. :) I just realized, right this moment while uploading that photo for you, that my mouse matches my laptop. Completely unintentional. I guess I was feelin' the color red years ago when I got my Asus. Matching is … [Read more...]

Looking Forward to the Weekend

I changed my layout, finally. The temporary one was simple and cute for what I could throw together in a few minutes, but I decided to spend a little more time on it this morning. The picture below is a image I made for my blog's Facebook profile. If you're viewing this in a reader, click on it to go to the main page and check out the new look! In other news, I think I'm prepared for my tests in the morning. I scheduled a Humanities Day post so be prepared to learn stuff tomorrow. It's intense, just telling you in advance. I can't help it though, I really do love humanities. (Although I do wish it wasn't all worded so plainly... sometimes I … [Read more...]