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Mission: The Happy Couple

I have arguments with my fiance. It is almost always related to money in one way or another. It starts off with one of us needing or spending money, and then the other places blame. (Note: The blame can come up as part of another argument. Like that time is said "Well if you didn't go buying [this thing I feel isn't important]...") We usually take things way too personal and yell and/or cry. I had an argument with my fiance last night. There was a police car in our complex checking out some graffiti on one of the buildings and we were headed to the grocery store. It was dark out and it's kind of chilly compared to our normal Floridia winter … [Read more...]

Curling Up with my Kindle

I feel like I have seasonal depression. Except, where normal people love the sunshine and get sadder in the winter months when it's all about indoor activities, I am the opposite. I could feel myself in the last few weeks getting happier, more motivated to do things. It could be the fact that I now own a car, but it's been a pattern the last few years. Don't misunderstand. I live in Florida so the winters aren't terribly cold and when it is "winter" it doesn't last very long. I've always believed that fall was my favorite season even though I don't get the changing leaves or an abundance of crisp breezes accompanying my afternoon walks. But … [Read more...]

Something Just for YOU! – “Ignite” Blast

WELCOME! You've arrived at the "IGNITE" BLAST Hop & Tour... I'm excited to be part of the launch celebration of "Ignite!" a book of tastefully erotic short stories written especially with moms in mind! By the way, my treasure hunt word is "KISSES." CLICK THE COVER TO SEE IT LARGER! You will not believe all the fun & prizes that are going on! Whether you're a woman who has put passion on the back burner, or you're a hot mama who has been keeping things aflame, these stories are sure to light your fire! They're short. They're hot. They're a little something just for you! "Ignite" is a collection of erotic stories featuring all of … [Read more...]

Natural Birth Stories {Review & Giveaway}

My best friend is pregnant. It was this big secret for a while, but she's been outed on Facebook so I'm finally allowed to squeal with joy at the top of my lungs. She's the lovely lady who accompanied in my birth experience for my youngest, but she's also bee my best friend since 2004. I'm diffidently excited because she's probably the best person ever. I think Arianna would make a wonderful mother! She's so good with kids, and she's the most honest and real gal I've ever had the pleasure to meet. Unfortunately, I can't attend the birth. I'm so sad! It's an impossible task no matter how I have it planned. Knowing my luck, her baby would be … [Read more...]

Book Launch: Natural Birth Stories

Today is the launch of an awesome book. Natural Birth Stories is a guide for real moms to be inspired and empowered in their journey towards a positive birth experience. This book is filled with real wisdom from moms who've already endured the awesome experience of natural childbirth. How do I find a great obstetrician or midwife to support my natural birth? Which childbirth class should I take to prepare for a natural birth? What pregnancy diet plan and exercises should I use for a natural birth? How should I write a birth plan for a natural hospital birth or a home birth? What should be on my hospital bag or home birth kit … [Read more...]

Mother-Daughter Bonding with I See Me Books

It's official... I'm the mother of a Kindergartener. Gaia started school this week and she's loving every minute of it! Her teacher is wonderful and Gaia is making lots of friends and having lots of fun. I like the new schedule we have going now. We wake up at 6:30 and I make her lunch while she does the preparations for her day. I sometimes have to make minor adjustments to her outfit because she tries to wear some pretty ridiculous things these days. Then most days Hutch watches the baby while I drive her to school. After school she takes the bus home. As part of her homework each day we have to read a book. I don't do a bedtime routine … [Read more...]

Here’s to Happiness

I was so excited to find out that my dear friend Melissa will be receiving the first box of her printed books next week. She creates such a lovely home for her family by simply enjoying life and I've been following her blog for years. She published a book of inspiring craft tutorials for children. You can order her book (which is on sale right now on Amazon for $10.19!), Sweet & Simple Handmade. If you're looking for a little more in depth review, Miss Smith has some excellent things to say about Melissa's book. … [Read more...]

A Very Lovecraft Christmas

Growing up and all throughout highschool my friends and I had some major Cthulhu obsessions. I even crocheted mini Cthulhus for friends one year to bring on some happiness. And then on my daily internet clicking adventures I found this awesome tree from last year: Let me just say that this tree is the coolest tree I have seen TO DATE. I love this tree so much and I am so very tempted to recreate one similar to it next year. My tree is just a traditional tree (still awesome though) but this one takes the cake. I wonder if my children will be afraid of Cthulhu? He's so cute sometimes though, am I right? I've done my research. Supplies … [Read more...]

Four Books

Four Books [I need to read]: Roots The Iliad and The Odyssey Pride and Prejudice Catch-22 … [Read more...]

The Haps.

At my last prenatal I decided to raid the library. I found two books on a  shelf by themselves just hanging out and they happened to be on my wishlist. I went ahead and decided to check them out and I'm going to eventually read them both before my next visit with the midwife. Once I'm finished I'm go to giveaway a copy of either Get Me Out or Pushed, depending on which read I value more. I'm determined to make you celebrate this pregnancy with me. You can't escape it! We've been looking a lot at baby names the past few days. Our list is ever-changing, but all the names on this ballot are still valid. I told Hutch I didn't like … [Read more...]