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Holiday Cheer at Busch Gardens® Tampa Christmas Town

Christmas in my family has always been big. We didn't grow up with much, but my mother worker her butt off to make sure that the winter holiday was a joyous one. I normally travel for the holidays to reconnect with distant relatives and spend the days surrounded by people I love. Because of many different things, traveling was not an option this year so my little family of four decided to make the most of our quiet Christmas at home. In order to still make this year memorable, we looked for things to do here in Tampa that would have the kids excited all month long. One of our favorite excursions was when we visited Busch Gardens® Tampa for … [Read more...]

Kicking Off Summer at Busch Gardens® Tampa!

Ah, summer in Florida... where the heat means business and shade is hard to come by. Since I've lived here all my life I know that the easiest thing to do is to stay inside under an A/C vent or park a fan in front of your bed... where you'll lay forever alone and dying from sweat. (My mom calls this "melting.") But you never have fun if you do that huh? The truth is, as parents we just have to buck up and venture out into the world because keeping kids inside all day just is not happening. Not when school gets out and everything looks beautiful under the vibrant sun. Thus, I've declared this summer the Summer of Splash Pads! One of our … [Read more...]

Oh Mei! (A Carrier That Meets Me in the Middle)

There are so many ways to keep your baby close while tending to the craziness that seems to unfold in motherhood. Most of the women in my local group tend to reach for woven wraps, but I'm more of a mix between a mei tai carrier and a soft-structured carrier. That's exactly why I'm loving my new Oh Mei! by Babyhawk. This awesome half-buckle carrier has the best of both worlds and keeps my baby close while allowing me to be hands-free. I always have a carrier on hand for all kinds of outings and adventures. I used to keep my Babyhawk mei tai in my car, but as Anders grows heavier I feel like the waist straps become quite diggy on my hips. I … [Read more...]