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These Love Birds Got Hitched!

It's done. I'm married, guys! I want to lead by telling you how disastrous the wedding was, but it was kind of magical at the same time. Long story short it rained on the afternoon of my modest backyard shindig. In fact, the rain began as we were saying our vows giving us only an hour to enjoy all the pretty decorations before having to move what we could inside (and that was only thanks to a lovely neighbor offering up his canopy for guests). It was cramped inside my father's home, to say the least, but we managed to ride out the storm among friends and family. We only scared off a few people with our shoulder-to-shoulder shenanigans and … [Read more...]

Dairy-Free Pound Cake for My Annual Flag Cake!

Today is cake day. The day before the 4th I always make my flag cake. Last year I experimented with Redi Whip only to figure out that canned whipped cream tends to turn into one big melty mess! This year, because of Anders's dairy intolerance, I have to make it dairy free. So that includes both making my pound cake from scratch and figuring out a whipped cream/cream cheese solution. Talk about twice as much work! I have been a little behind on my scheduling of this kitchen project because of the wedding and other unexpected happenings, so unfortunately I am spending all day doing bits and pieces of this cake. I made the pound cake first … [Read more...]

How to Make Your Own Ice Cream Cake

Hutch's birthday was on Saturday and I'm really bad at procrastinating so I got a head start on his cake. Good thing too because it was nearly a failed disaster! If you're in the market to make your own ice cream cake, I suggest doing this with several hours to spare because things like softening and hardening ice cream and baking and cooling cakes can be time consuming. Giving yourself a few days is smart. I only saved this one because I had tons of time on my hands and super-love determination. If you're wondering why I'm making ice cream cakes in January it is because the sunshine state is an annoying 80 degrees in the middle of winter. … [Read more...]

Happy 4th!

I make this "cake" every year. I actually assumed my dad's ex made it up as a child and figured it to be an original awesome idea, but then 3 years ago Kraft announced it in a full-page ad in several food magazines. I've made their version and I really like the cream cheese and cool whip mixed together. I don't always make it that way as I find my way easier and more laid back. The Kraft recipe is below. But first some photographs of this delicious summer treat! Click here for the Kraft version of this cake. Here's what we normally do: Cut up strawberries and slice pound cake. Lay the pound cake slices in the bottom of a 9 x 13" pan … [Read more...]