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Beating Thrush – A Poem About Victory

When it comes to breastfeeding I feel like I've dealt with just about every possible downfall there is. And in case you ever forgot, thrush is kind of my thing. Today Mama Pure is featuring a little poem I wrote on her blog. Click the picture below to head over and check it out. Beating Thrush - A Poem About Victory   If you're interested in my journey here is some more reading material for you: My nursing story with Gaia is here on Livejournal. You can read about how to beat the yeast beast on Breastfeeding Place. Here's my fight with the candida curse. … [Read more...]

Battling Thrush – The Curse of Candida

I had a horrible time trying to breastfeed Gaia as a newborn. I'll have you know that one thing constantly lead to another and we were battling thrush for the first three months of her life. It was nearly always coupled with something else and that made it harder to stand. I spent lots of time nursing and crying and lots of time pumping and crying. And I admit, I even tried supplementing just to give myself a break. (Gaia never took a bottle or pacifier though, little booger.) So there I was, completely discouraged and poisoning my milk with tears that would run down my face and fall onto my tiny little nursling. We tried Diflucan, we tried … [Read more...]