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[Almost] Wordless Wednesday #11

Can you tell I edited their eyeballs? Stupid red glare ruining my precious kitties. Seriously. They don't have names yet, but the orange one is a boy and the tortoise shell kitty is a girl. She's feisty, let me tell you. I just want to cuddle her all day every day, but she's still mad at me for taking her away from the wild. I gave them baths yesterday and soon I'll take them to the vet. They have some fleas, some worms, and dirty ears. These are all things I've dealt with before when rescuing feral kittens. No worries. Just cuteness. Honestly these are the most scared rescue cats I've ever had, so the domestication process is a tough one. … [Read more...]

Moving Progress

Lots of things can go wrong on moving day. We tried to have as little of that as possible but some things still managed to surprise us. Thursday I spent mostly packing and lifting to stack boxes ready for the truck. Gaia and I stayed at Hutch's parents' and int he morning they made pancakes: All you do is add sprinkles when they are about ready to flip. Yummy! Then we got a second U-haul for Hutch's things. Him and his brother worked on his stuff and Carlos and a really nice man from Craig's List came with my things. Hutch's mom offered to watch Gaia so that was cool. My dad and my friend Missy drove up from Sarasota to help paint. Hutch's … [Read more...]

Hello, March

Gaia and I love breakfast, so I've started taking pictures of our adventures. The sun was so bright yesterday morning so my face is the most retarded one I could have made. And of course Gaia was crabby so she's not really even paying attention. But here it is: one of my favorite restaurants in Sarasota. It's a two minute drive from my dad's house so we try to go whenever we visit. I personally love their Country Fried Steak, but everything we've had is pretty good. Yesterday was pretty exhausting overall. I stayed up late Wednesday trying to finish the divorce paperwork. I did everything I could by myself and the [soon to be ex-]husband and … [Read more...]

A few things…

I'm not quite sure what to blog about so I'll just say a little bit about everything racing through my mind these past few days. Dr. Amy Tuteur is crazy. She's been giving home birth mamas a lot of flack and like to publicly blame mothers for the loss of  a baby during childbirth. There have been situations where it is know to the general public (as in the story has been in the media and research has been done) that the baby would have died regardless of where the baby was born and she still says it's because home birth moms are selfish and don't care about the safety of their offspring. I'm not sure about how you, my followers/readers, … [Read more...]

[Almost] Wordless Wednesday #2

My cutest daughter! The slides are her favorite, but I like the plant that aligned with her static hair. This is our kitty, Bamboo. Isn't she pretty? Fancy nails :3 … [Read more...]