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Holiday Cheer at Busch Gardens® Tampa Christmas Town

Christmas in my family has always been big. We didn't grow up with much, but my mother worker her butt off to make sure that the winter holiday was a joyous one. I normally travel for the holidays to reconnect with distant relatives and spend the days surrounded by people I love. Because of many different things, traveling was not an option this year so my little family of four decided to make the most of our quiet Christmas at home. In order to still make this year memorable, we looked for things to do here in Tampa that would have the kids excited all month long. One of our favorite excursions was when we visited Busch Gardens® Tampa for … [Read more...]

Talk to Santa LIVE this Holiday Season!

I asked on my Facebook the other day if my followers did the whole Santa thing or not. I was genuinely curious. Santa was always a big part of our Christmas celebration. My mom was way clever when it came to hiding gifts, having separate wrapping paper, and even asking coworkers to write labels so that we didn't recognize when things were written out for us. Two years ago, while I was pregnant with Anders, we traveled to Ohio to spend Christmas with my family. I managed to stealthily bring everything from Florida all the way up without Gaia noticing, but I needed to still get a train because that was at the to of her list.... and I'd only … [Read more...]

Post-Christmas Cheer

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday. We had a lot of fun, although parts of today were sad, stressful, and overwhelming for some of us. We made our rounds in good time though, and we got see loved ones we don't get to connect with often. Obligatory "baby's first Christmas" pic: Anders got a lot of goodies. My mother spoils us all. She always sends an abundance of gifts for me and my children. She is a thoughtful gifter, and she always does the best job at surprising me. As you can tell, Anders was having a ball simply eating the paper. He was so adorable this in his Carter's outfit and upcycled slippers from Crunchy Farm Baby. Because … [Read more...]

A Dollar Tree Christmas

I am very stressed out when it comes to the holidays. I like to keep things cheap and simple and still try to have fun. One of my favorite stores year-round is The Dollar Tree. When it comes to Christmas shopping, it gets even more exciting because it's the best place for miscellaneous craft supplies, inspiration, and gift giving cheer. Every year we make ornaments and I always try to include the kids as much as possible in this process. Last year we made reindeer fingerprint ornaments with supplies I already had on hand. This year I decided to revisit salt dough (1 cup flour, 1/2 cup each of salt and water). I used the kids fingerprints all … [Read more...]

Our week in Ohio

On the drive up we ran into 3 hours of stop and go traffic in and around Atlanta, Georgia. Then right after the Kentucky state line there was an accident. We were stopped, as in not moving at all. I of course had to pee. But there was nowhere to go and since I was also recovering from the flu still, a simple cough resulted in me wetting myself. It was fabulous. My mom made  me nearly all of my favorites. I had my fair share of butter beans, Shepard's Pie, schnitzel and deliciousness every day. I met up with Courtney and had coffee. We talked about lots of things like blogiversaries, crazy in-laws, and crafting. She's my sister's age and … [Read more...]

Christmas Cookie Swap

Back in November I signed up for this Christmas Cookies swap with Julie at White Lights on Wednesday and all her fun foodie blog friends. In the days awaiting my recipe in the mail I just kept thinking "please not sugar cookies, please not sugar cookies, PLEASE NOT SUGAR cookies." See folks, I like to bake, and I can make an un-cracked cheesecake last minute look easy. But I can not do sugar cookies. I have no idea why. I have tried them several times in several different ovens with no success. It's my all-time mom failure... my child will never decorate cookies for Christmas. I suck that way. So I go t the mailbox and I open my letter. … [Read more...]

A Very Lovecraft Christmas

Growing up and all throughout highschool my friends and I had some major Cthulhu obsessions. I even crocheted mini Cthulhus for friends one year to bring on some happiness. And then on my daily internet clicking adventures I found this awesome tree from last year: Let me just say that this tree is the coolest tree I have seen TO DATE. I love this tree so much and I am so very tempted to recreate one similar to it next year. My tree is just a traditional tree (still awesome though) but this one takes the cake. I wonder if my children will be afraid of Cthulhu? He's so cute sometimes though, am I right? I've done my research. Supplies … [Read more...]

2012 Gaia Ornaments

Gaia has a terrible cold. I was determined to make our lazy day fun until she begged me to stop making her put thumbprints on everything. Poor girl... Here are our family ornaments this year. I got the idea from Little Bit Funky. I would have liked to do solid colored metallic ornaments like she used in the tutorial, but I had tons of these craft ornaments in my closet and no one would barter with me on Craig's List. I didn't feel like purchasing whole new ornaments, so we used the clear ones. They still turned out adorable. I used quick dry nail polish for the red noses. I didn't feel like waiting for more paint to dry. I'm antsy when it … [Read more...]

December 1st

Happy December, everyone! I love Christmas. I am sad that you cannot see our tree in all of its artificial glory, but my camera is seriously taking a dump on all my photo opportunities. The ornaments from all my holiday swaps are coming in though, and so it gets more and more glorious each day! And I scored that tree skirt at Goodwill for $5. It's very cute, in case the blurry photo above led you to think otherwise. Between the cats, Gaia, and Hutch I keep going into OCD-insanity trying to keep the tree looking balanced. Cats are knocking ornaments down, Gaia is taking them to decorate her own toy-tower tree, and my boyfriend moves them … [Read more...]

Santa’s Little Helper

I am so happy to have finished this adorable hat. I am even happier to know that Gaia simply loves it and would not take it off this morning. :) Isn't it the cutest? She does that adorable wrinkly face thing that I love whenever she's thrilled with something I've made her. Makes me melt, I'm telling you! I've listed this hat for pre-order in my shop here. It took me about 3 days total, not rushing, to make this size 5 one. If you would like one, stop by and order now because the holidays are approaching faster than you know! I also listed this year's ornaments, the tiny stocking of love:   You are welcome to check those out as well. I'm … [Read more...]