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DIY Stripwork Skirt {feat. Marie Madeline Studio}

One of the many reasons I love having a daughter is because I get to experiment and make her fancy outfits. Mama has huge hips which make it a bit difficult to fit into otherwise adorable clothing. But with a 6-year-old frolicking about I can just make everything for her and feel satisfied. I've been slacking on the family traditions department, so for Easter this year I decided we would all dress up and head to a rather large egg hunt at our local church. I have been wanting to make Miss Gaia a patchwork skirt for quite some time, so when I stumbled on the perfect fabrics for such a task I knew it was meant to be. You guys voted, so a … [Read more...]

A New Take on Breastfeeding Fashion {Linzy Dawn Designs Review}

Back in February I wrote a post at Breastfeeding Place about how I enjoyed using an infinity scarf for keeping modest while nursing in public. Now I'm not one to say you have to cover up, or even that covering up is admitting breastfeeding is shameful. I believe that what is most important is that baby is being fed and mama is comfortable. Most mothers I know can't be bothered with a cover, but for some this means mom might choose to cover up in order to avoid those glares from the public. I generally dress to feed every single day so I don't have to worry about it when the time comes to nurse in public. And that's why I love infinity … [Read more...]

At-Home Screen Printing (Close, But Not Really)

When I first started planning the details of my trip to Kentucky for Spring Break earlier in March, one of the first things I had to think about was how to keep my little clan bundled from the bipolar weather conditions. (Is anyone else sick of the Winter - Spring - Winter thing? Give Mother Nature some dark chocolate and a glass of wine, jeez!) I have tons of hoodies left over from my brief entrepreneurship of making dinosaur hoodies for kids, so I grabbed one of those and dyed it blue. Blue is for boys, after all. (Just kidding... I happened to have some blue dye on hand is all.) So that wasn't enough for me, so I decided to try my hand … [Read more...]

Keeping Baby Warm with Zipadee Zip

I'm beating myself up right now. Despite my efforts to stay on top of our illnesses, things got a little crazy after we returned home from our Spring Break. I found myself snuggling in bed most of the last week next to a sick baby. I guess when it comes down to it, we just weren't prepared for the craziness that was the Spring-Winter-Spring weather we encountered in Kentucky. The weather here in Florida is rainy and muggy. As we recover from our illness, I'm slowly but surely getting back into the swing of things. Like going outside and enjoying my sweet little neighborhood. And baby wearing of course! I asked on my Facebook page about … [Read more...]

Introducing Daddy & Co. {+ Giveaway}

Now that my fiance is settled in his new career as a medical assistant, we've slowly began to incorporate different levels of adulthood into our home. I'm not just talking about my new car or planning for a wedding. I'm talking about the little tasks you add to your routine to make everything operate more smoothly. Purchasing the right undergarments is a perfect example of one of those things you just have to do. But with options like Daddy & Co., new underwear can be just as exciting! I've been actually trying to get Hutch to switch to boxer briefs for a while now. I just prefer the fit (if you know what I mean *wink wink*), not to … [Read more...]

Show Your Baby’s Style with Bibdanas

I don't get the chance to meet up with the lovely ladies of my babywearing group often. I haven't been since the frantic holiday play date in early December. You'd think since I have my own car now that I'd be all over the place. I am all over the place, I just never wind up at the meetings. I have no excuse other than I prefer the smaller, quieter get-togethers. During my last appearance among the other babywearing mamas in my community, one of the little toddler boys playing in the park had an adorable scarf on. It was simple and it brought his entire outfit to inspire awe. Since I'm also friends with this mama on instagram, I got to see … [Read more...]

Custom Crunchy Wear with Allied Shirts

I have been searching and searching for a way to get my hands on some fabulous activism clothing. You can find a plethora of styles and statements depending on what issues you are dressing for, but I personally always get discouraged while shopping online for things because I want them to be tailored to my specific interests. When Allied Shirts offered me a chance to review their tee shirt customization process I thought it would be the perfect time to let my lactivsim shine! (Lactivism: advocacy of breastfeeding.) I was originally looking to give Breastfeeding Place a little shoutout and so I designed a beautiful shirt picturing a … [Read more...]