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When It’s Really Over

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed trying to avoid schoolwork at one in the morning. I often do this to torture myself because I'm essentially alone, but not really because I can't actually do anything that involves noise. No sewing, no kitchen experiments... Generally nights like this really only end in several games of League of Legends which is followed by an intense headache, a sense of failure, and foreseen doom when I realize I have but hours to sleep. But on this night I came across a very touching article. When Friendship is Lost tells the tale of two friends who brave through motherhood together when it suddenly just dies. … [Read more...]

The Adventure Moves Upstairs

Sunday night I fell asleep around 8pm and so I of course woke up around 11pm no longer tired. I was a bit thirsty, and we did not have any water left in the fridge. I heard footsteps from my upstairs neighbor and I decided that instead of braving the tap, I would go and ask nicely for a bottle of water. I don't hang out there too often, but they are nice guys and I know from previous encounters that they do have water to offer guests. Little did I know I'd soon be the only woman in a room full of drunk Palestinian men... I do enjoy speaking with them, though I don't know a lick of Arabic. They generally try to speak English around me, but … [Read more...]