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Mom’s Broken Sleep Cycle

In previous years I always prided myself on being "the cool mom" who let my kids stay up late. They'd pass out when tired and I'd surpass them with my binge-Netflix marathons and catch up on my favorite video games. Since adults need less sleep than the little ones, it would work out in my favor because I could stay up until the early hours of the morning and still get enough sleep before the kids would rise around 10 or 11am.  Everyone got enough sleep, we just weren't active morning people. Now that my daughter has chosen to go back to public school, she has to adjust to waking up in the morning. I do too. So I changed my routine to go … [Read more...]

Relax a Little with Talk and Soothe Digital Video Monitor

I am not one of those overprotective mothers, I swear. I actually feel as if I'm a little too carefree sometimes when it comes to my parenting style. However, being on baby number two I've learned a few things and modified my ways to fit into a middle ground that is comfortable for our family. And one of my favorite baby-related technologies is a video monitor. When I was offered a chance to review the new Talk and Soothe Digital Video Monitor from The First Years, I traded in my old one and upgraded. My previous monitor was a hand-me-down from our good friends who are expecting any day now. I wanted to be able to give it back and still … [Read more...]

Sleep Safer with the Halo Sleep Sack

I feel like our night time routine is in a state of constant change. When dealing with babies it can sometimes be hard to choose the sleep solution that is right for your family's needs. I never used a crib with my oldest, but I knew this second time around I wanted to utilize it as a way for me to get in at least a few hours of quality sleep. By bundling my little man in his Halo SleepSack by Giggle Baby, I can sleep better knowing that my baby is sleeping safe and sound in his crib a few feet away. Our night time routine is far from structured. Schedules stress me out. It's silly, I know. Instead I use my baby's cues to guide me. When … [Read more...]

Parenting Choices and Cultural Norms

My bloggy friend Amanda recently posted this awesome supportive photo on her Facebook page: I'm sad to announce that instead of respecting other choices and praising all loving mothers across the globe, Amanda's post was filled with judgmental women ostracizing anyone who thought differently about what was best for their child. I am well aware that tone is not always apparent online and more importantly on my blog. As a mom of two, I've done the trial-and-error of a first baby and am perfecting my skills with number two (which holds its own set of trials and errors). I tend towards natural parenting and have very strong opinions about … [Read more...]

Co-sleep Safely and Comfortably with Invigo

We have our room set up with a crib on one wall and our full-size bed on the other. Most nights we share our bed with little Anders. Although I'd like to have more space to sleep without his little suckerfish attached to me, I quite enjoy waking up to his happy little face every morning. As I've mentioned several times our mattress totally sucks. Throughout my pregnancy I was constantly stiff and in pain. Sometimes I couldn't even get out of bed without assistance, and that followed me into these few months postpartum. When Invigo offered me a chance to sleep more comfortably I jumped on it. Most people will tell you not to use a mattress … [Read more...]

[Almost] Wordless Wednesday #18

I've always been a fan of the family bed. I never purchased a crib, you know. Gaia has always slept next to me as a baby. It wasn't until she was 3 that I transitioned her to her own bed. She slept in my room in a twin for 6 months, then I moved her into her room. She comes in and snuggles every morning and when we wake up everyone is happy. I love waking up to all my sleepy babies. Forgive the unmade bed. We did just wake up, but even so it doesn't get made. They say if you make your bed your room feels clean. Well, my room is clean except for the bed and I feel just fine. Thank you. Beds should be able to just climb in at any moment and … [Read more...]


This picture was just to precious not to share. After waking up and going to the bathroom, she just looked t0o precious to ignore. And yeah, that's my bed. She sneaks in every morning to snuggle. Sometimes when I'm half asleep not wanting to get up she rubs my back. After three minutes she'll ask if that's enough and I groan a "yes" and then she promptly asks for breakfast. We talked a little bit about her room. She said she wants a treehouse. We have this bed from Ikea, complete with tent. The tent is removable though, an entirely different piece. So I think we'll put the tent part in storage and paint a tree in the corner. I think I can … [Read more...]