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Learning to Fully Enjoy My Day {Post- #BWFOrlando Thoughts}

I'm planning this trip to Kentucky to visit my best friend and my mom's side of the family. We're all actually from Florida, they just all managed to up and leave towards the same general area. Total weirdos if you ask me. I forgot it's still winter everywhere else. I don't know what I'm going to do in the snow. And I'm taking my kids and braving it alone and I'm terrified I might explode. Both from anticipation and anxiety. But I am gathering supplies for the Once Upon a Time sampler so I'll be picking up cross stitch here soon. I actually have half the colors already and the necessary needles, it was just a matter of getting the fabric … [Read more...]

Craft Supply Challenge #3 – Buttons

I don't actually have a collection of buttons. Well, I do, but they are all decorative and most have that little back thing on them. Nothing flat, which is what I imagine is best for the kinds of things I have in my head. So I made this for the challenge: I got the friendship tutorial from The Purl Bee. I think it's rather cute. I didn't realize I was using Gryffindor colors until about halfway. And the damned thing took me near 4 hours. I was not expecting that. Anyhow, to vote for my project click the button below and click "Like?" below the photo of my friendship bracelet. :)   Thank you! It's currently on it's was to Chicago (I … [Read more...]

Craft Supply Challenge – Week 1

I didn't do a tutorial yesterday because I was trying to take a break from feeling like I had to get something done. And honestly, I still wound up finishing a rather simple craft project I wanted to share. As some of you may have noticed I am participating in the Craft Supply Challenge. This week was week 1 and I did quite a bit of mod podge crafts. I realized that my mod podge is old and I swore I wouldn't buy a new bottle until I used it all up. So I took this opportunity to make over a stool. It was a bright pink stool that my friend gave us when Gaia was little. It used to have a Hello Kitty cushion, but we wore that … [Read more...]