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Honeymoon Cruise Photo Dump

In case you were unaware, I finally hitched Hutch early in November. We've known each other since before my oldest was born, but had a break where she was conceived, born, and I failed my first marriage. When my life seemed rather gloomy, Hutch found me once again and reminded me that my heart was already spoken for. After some trial and error on my part, I was finally able to be with the man I truly love. And this past November we made it official. Yay us! The wedding was followed by one of the longest vacations ever! That's not necessarily a good thing, folks. It was a honeymoon though, and we really liked having the extra time to relax … [Read more...]

Cruise Giveaway!!!

I had so much fun I wanted to share this with you in the coolest way possible. Free goodies ya'll! Nothing too fancy, just a little appreciation for my readers. :) The Guatemalan (spelled wrong in photo, so sue me) worry dolls are my favorite. You're supposed to assign a worry to each doll and then they help ease your mind. Here's a close up of the dolls inside the pouch: In the middle I have some pretty neat Del Sol nail polish for you. This color is called "Secret Crush" and changed to a deep purple in sunlight. :) I used it once on the ship, but I don't fancy the color. I promise I don't have weird nail germs... And last, but not least, … [Read more...]

Honduras & Grand Cayman

Folks, Honduras was my absolute favorite place. I dropped Gaia off at Camp Carnival because of our "bad day" in Belize. She had a blast and made a tee shirt, a bracelet, and a bear so I'm sure it was equally enjoyable for her. (Walking around with mommy while she shops can be tough for a 4-year-old, I can only imagine.) The view was awesome from the boat... & the ship looked adorable from the land: That night Gaia passed out from too much fun at camp. And it was needed because my favorite part of the cruise was in Grand Cayman when we took a tender out to a sand bar and played with sting rays!!! Uncle Steve and … [Read more...]

Mexico & Belize

I suppose it all started with the welcome aboard deck party followed by a day at sea. We mostly just hung out by the pool and danced on the deck. Gaia chose the pole to dance around, like always. She's so strange, my tiny pole dancer. The following day (day 3) we headed off to Mexico. Most of my family went to see the Mayan ruins, but because I had Gaia and my hip issues, I didn't feel like we should go for a several hour hike. My dad had already seen the ruins, so he went with us to go shopping. I honestly didn't find too much because the port was themed for drinking and sex. Lots of tourist-y stuff, I got Gaia her hair wrapped though, … [Read more...]

I’m back!

Jeez that was fun! Too much fun if you ask me. I'm so tired and I want to take lots of naps and order take out and not unpack ever. That's how I feel today. I think I'm going to do an update of my cruise vacation in 3 parts. I'll do Mexico and Belize (shopping in Mexico, snorkeling in Belize) and then I'll do Honduras and Grand Cayman (more shopping in Honduras, animal excursions in Grand Cayman). Right now I just want to share with you some awesome photos from our ship parties and family dinners! Our ship, the Carnival Legend. Hanging out at the deck party. Gaia, my sister, me, and my cousin, Shawna. A sunset from … [Read more...]