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Adding Fun to Our Bathtime Routine with Daddy & Company

This three-day weekend was a real doozy for us. The heat down in Florida makes living in the outside world hard, even for us natives! It's a guarentee that if we do decide to venture out into the world everyone is going to come home slightly frustrated and hella stinky. The only cure is a cool shower and a nap. The kids love bubble baths, but as we get more conscious of our choices in the home bath time has suffered a little. I can't tell you how long it's been since I gave up looking for a reliable bubble bath that was long-lasting, smelled good, and also non-toxic for my little one. I thought that bubble baths were just out for us. With … [Read more...]

Introducing Daddy & Co. {+ Giveaway}

Now that my fiance is settled in his new career as a medical assistant, we've slowly began to incorporate different levels of adulthood into our home. I'm not just talking about my new car or planning for a wedding. I'm talking about the little tasks you add to your routine to make everything operate more smoothly. Purchasing the right undergarments is a perfect example of one of those things you just have to do. But with options like Daddy & Co., new underwear can be just as exciting! I've been actually trying to get Hutch to switch to boxer briefs for a while now. I just prefer the fit (if you know what I mean *wink wink*), not to … [Read more...]

Daddy Scrubs Are Too Perfect for My Man

I am so proud of Hutch. I don't think he realizes how awesome he is, but he's been bustin' his buns trying to do things to make our life together amazing. Although plenty of things were in motion before we found out we were pregnant, he's really stepped up to the plate and given his all to try and secure a future for us. In case you didn't know, he's been going to X-ray tech. school for nearly 15 months now. He's a baker right now for Publix grocery stores, but after lying for 3 years about eventually making him full-time, he had to do something else with his life. (He's a really good baker though, which comes in handy.) So in 2011 he … [Read more...]