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Week 3 Pinterest Round-Up

I worked a bit independently this week for my shop. I'm trying desperately to get ready for both Valentine's Day and Dental Hygiene Month, but for some reason kitchen crafting with food is coming a lot easier than sewing or crocheting or even paper crafts. I mainly used Pinterest for inspiration and tried to make minimal trips to the store this week. I did follow the entire recipe for Grown Up Macaroni and Cheese, but I have to say it didn't turn out as good as I would have liked. There was so much cheese in the end! I would definitely suggest that a whole box of pasta should be used. Hutch also says it needs twice as much bacon, but he's a … [Read more...]

Week 2 Pinterest Challenge

I didn't craft diddly this week. I did work a tiny bit on the scarf I was making last week, but I haven't done anything past that. However, I was totally feeling my kitchen and I made all kinds of delicious things. I made taco soup (that was a majority of what we ate this week - so easy and good and reheats nicely!) and asparagus stuffed chicken... Both of those recipes I found on Pinterest. I also found some better than Starbucks iced coffee. I've been craving coffee a ton this pregnancy and so I found this recipe and I made it work for us. Hutch like sit a lot, too, because he doesn't have time to brew coffee int eh morning. I've been … [Read more...]

[Almost] Wordless Wednesday #7

Modeling a headband I made this past weekend. :) Essie matte top coat = LOVE My first adventure in rice crispy treat making. :) … [Read more...]