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My First Homeschool Conference Experience

CAUTION: Very wordy post ahead! If you follow me on social media or have the joy of being in my inner circles, you may have heard about my goal to homeschool Gaia next year. The option to home school has always been on the table for her, but she's so social I felt like public school might do her good. Sadly, I was mistaken. What happened instead is that she's so focused on making friends and being like everyone else that she doesn't focus on her academics. Though I've made arrangements to still feed the side of her that needs a lot of social interaction, in order to get her back on track to what is important I'm committing myself to … [Read more...]

Mission: The Happy Couple

I have arguments with my fiance. It is almost always related to money in one way or another. It starts off with one of us needing or spending money, and then the other places blame. (Note: The blame can come up as part of another argument. Like that time is said "Well if you didn't go buying [this thing I feel isn't important]...") We usually take things way too personal and yell and/or cry. I had an argument with my fiance last night. There was a police car in our complex checking out some graffiti on one of the buildings and we were headed to the grocery store. It was dark out and it's kind of chilly compared to our normal Floridia winter … [Read more...]

“Marriage: What’s the Point?” Review & Giveaway [Ends 6/8]

Welcome! Today I am hosting a giveaway for the Lazy Summer Reads Giveaway Hop hosted by E-Reading on the Cheap and Midwestern Moms. I'm not very religious. I am spiritual, I just haven't committed to any one idea of God. I sincerely believe that all religions go hand in hand and that genuinely good people who try their best to live genuinely good lives will find peace in the afterlife. This is merely my opinion. I wanted to preface this giveaway with that because I do not want you, the reader, to think that I'm a) forcing beliefs upon you or b) shunning the Christian faith. I received a copy of Marriage: What's the Point by Jesse Birkey … [Read more...]