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When It’s Really Over

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed trying to avoid schoolwork at one in the morning. I often do this to torture myself because I'm essentially alone, but not really because I can't actually do anything that involves noise. No sewing, no kitchen experiments... Generally nights like this really only end in several games of League of Legends which is followed by an intense headache, a sense of failure, and foreseen doom when I realize I have but hours to sleep. But on this night I came across a very touching article. When Friendship is Lost tells the tale of two friends who brave through motherhood together when it suddenly just dies. … [Read more...]

Honeymoon Cruise Photo Dump

In case you were unaware, I finally hitched Hutch early in November. We've known each other since before my oldest was born, but had a break where she was conceived, born, and I failed my first marriage. When my life seemed rather gloomy, Hutch found me once again and reminded me that my heart was already spoken for. After some trial and error on my part, I was finally able to be with the man I truly love. And this past November we made it official. Yay us! The wedding was followed by one of the longest vacations ever! That's not necessarily a good thing, folks. It was a honeymoon though, and we really liked having the extra time to relax … [Read more...]

Talk to Santa LIVE this Holiday Season!

I asked on my Facebook the other day if my followers did the whole Santa thing or not. I was genuinely curious. Santa was always a big part of our Christmas celebration. My mom was way clever when it came to hiding gifts, having separate wrapping paper, and even asking coworkers to write labels so that we didn't recognize when things were written out for us. Two years ago, while I was pregnant with Anders, we traveled to Ohio to spend Christmas with my family. I managed to stealthily bring everything from Florida all the way up without Gaia noticing, but I needed to still get a train because that was at the to of her list.... and I'd only … [Read more...]

A Day with the Mermaids at Weeki Wachee State Park

I had always heard about Weeki Wachee while growing up. I had seen the signs all along the interstate when traveling as a kid down to Orlando with my parents on vacation. as the years went by, I assumed it had closed due to lack of the advertising that you see for other Florida attractions. while down this past summer to see my daughter and grandkids, I noticed signs for it and as I have a granddaughter who loves mermaids, I decided to take them to see the story of The Little Mermaid performed by real live mermaids! That opportunity presented itself when my daughter set her wedding date for November 8th and asked if I would come stay with … [Read more...]

Just Between Friends

I have always held onto a lot of my baby stuff since Gaia was born almost 7 years ago. I had hoped to pass everything down to future children or at least pass it along to friends making their own families complete. Now that my best friend has been a mother for 6 months, she has a lot of the basics you'd look for. After having many discussions with my fiance, we decided it was time to purge that stuff too. He's fine with the size our family is now. I wasn't until recently. A few weeks ago I was doing chores before work when I tuned into my actions. I was running form room to room in a nonsensical pattern and I was getting about half as much … [Read more...]

Learn a New Language the Easy Way with the Pimsleur Approach

Fun fact: My grandmother was 100% German born and raised. She met my grandfather as a waitress in a  local bar next to the military base. He was a regular there and although they had met it wasn't until he paid for her to go to Berlin to bury her mom (may she rest in peace) that my grandmother decided to give my grandfather a shot. They got married, and my dad was born in France. They traveled some more, had more kids, and their kids had kids. Voila! I was born. And a whole 1/4 German at that! My grandmother taught us a few words in German. She was very German and talked German on the phone all the time. She cried in German and cursed in … [Read more...]

Gift Idea: Gum Roll Ups

My little sister's birthday is today. At 23 she's not so little anymore, but I still will always think of her as a petite princess lost in the crazy world. (She's pretty much a princess.) Anyhow, Princess Ashton loves gum. So for this birthday I supplemented some of my favorite beauty supplies with a creative throwback from my days at summer camp. It's really easy to put together and adds that special "I love you" flare I like to include in gifts that need a handmade touch. You just need Big League Chew and your favorite flavor of stick gum. I like Juicy Fruit, but you can use any flavor. Grab a marble sized chunk of Big League and mold … [Read more...]

Kicking Off Summer at Busch Gardens® Tampa!

Ah, summer in Florida... where the heat means business and shade is hard to come by. Since I've lived here all my life I know that the easiest thing to do is to stay inside under an A/C vent or park a fan in front of your bed... where you'll lay forever alone and dying from sweat. (My mom calls this "melting.") But you never have fun if you do that huh? The truth is, as parents we just have to buck up and venture out into the world because keeping kids inside all day just is not happening. Not when school gets out and everything looks beautiful under the vibrant sun. Thus, I've declared this summer the Summer of Splash Pads! One of our … [Read more...]

A Prehistoric Adventure!

We celebrated Memorial Day at Dinosaur World. We literally live like 15-20 minutes from this theme park an it's a shame we don't get the chance to head out there more often. As first timers, we were afraid we'd signed up for something we weren't prepared for. But to much of our delight, Dinosaur World Florida was the perfect mix of laid back and fun so we were able to explore at our own pace and leave with smiling faces. I took my daughter and her father, because although we are no longer together we like to make a real effort to connect and stay friends. Because I'm not only a good friend but also the perfect ex-wife, his girlfriend and … [Read more...]

October Festivities Round Up

We got a lovely cold front two Tuesdays ago which had me all excited for last weekend when we had plans for a full house of visitors. I had put off many fall festivals because of the heat, but as our plans finalized I knew there would be no denying that we'd just have to manage. The 22nd of October was so lovely for the residents of central Florida! As the weekend approached plans molded and changed and we were blessed with a surprise visit from my sister. I don't get to see her often, and three times within a year (last Christmas, her Spring Break, and then this) was amazing news! The weather had warmed up once more, but she was excited … [Read more...]