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Red Clay & Roses {a giveaway}

A few years ago one of my very best friends said, "Hey my mom wrote a book!" I admit I probably said something slightly rude and indifferent like, "Cool. Everyone is writing eBooks these days..." I mean, it's quite true. Everywhere you turn you see some new eBook shoved in your face about this new thing, or people trying to put their interesting lives in memoir form slapped with the convenience stamp of buying it 5 days after the idea was conceived. However, S.K. Nicholls turned out quite different for me. It wasn't until last summer that I finally dug into her first novel, Red Clay & Roses. Red Clay & Roses takes place … [Read more...]

Finishing School

I have been attending college since 2005. Ten years ago I graduated high school and began a journey that took me 2.5 times as long as most college graduates with a 4 year degree. I am not ashamed, albeit a little disappointed. I decided not to attend my high school reunion this summer. It was organized by peers who somehow managed to coordinate all over the world while on fancy adventures of adulthood while I popped out babies and struggled to get out from behind this wall of poverty. I was really excited until tickets went on sale. They were pricey, and I knew that all the losers I hung out with in school weren't even going to be able … [Read more...]

When It’s Really Over

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed trying to avoid schoolwork at one in the morning. I often do this to torture myself because I'm essentially alone, but not really because I can't actually do anything that involves noise. No sewing, no kitchen experiments... Generally nights like this really only end in several games of League of Legends which is followed by an intense headache, a sense of failure, and foreseen doom when I realize I have but hours to sleep. But on this night I came across a very touching article. When Friendship is Lost tells the tale of two friends who brave through motherhood together when it suddenly just dies. … [Read more...]

I’m a Jealous, Lonely Mama.

My friend Kristen talks about how motherhood is lonely. I'd be lying if I didn't shed a tear by the end of her confession about feeling totally and utterly alone. It's true, even if you're blessed with loving children and surrounded by a loving partner and a handful of friends, motherhood can still be one of the loneliest places to be at the end of the day. Because my babies have such a huge gap I can look back and recall that feeling with my oldest. That feeling when she wasn't a baby anymore, but some crazy independent tiny person learning to do things all by herself. The loneliness started creeping in somewhere close to her second … [Read more...]

Learning to Fully Enjoy My Day {Post- #BWFOrlando Thoughts}

I'm planning this trip to Kentucky to visit my best friend and my mom's side of the family. We're all actually from Florida, they just all managed to up and leave towards the same general area. Total weirdos if you ask me. I forgot it's still winter everywhere else. I don't know what I'm going to do in the snow. And I'm taking my kids and braving it alone and I'm terrified I might explode. Both from anticipation and anxiety. But I am gathering supplies for the Once Upon a Time sampler so I'll be picking up cross stitch here soon. I actually have half the colors already and the necessary needles, it was just a matter of getting the fabric … [Read more...]

Oh Mei! (A Carrier That Meets Me in the Middle)

There are so many ways to keep your baby close while tending to the craziness that seems to unfold in motherhood. Most of the women in my local group tend to reach for woven wraps, but I'm more of a mix between a mei tai carrier and a soft-structured carrier. That's exactly why I'm loving my new Oh Mei! by Babyhawk. This awesome half-buckle carrier has the best of both worlds and keeps my baby close while allowing me to be hands-free. I always have a carrier on hand for all kinds of outings and adventures. I used to keep my Babyhawk mei tai in my car, but as Anders grows heavier I feel like the waist straps become quite diggy on my hips. I … [Read more...]

It’s a Pirate Party!

Winter is a packed month for us when it comes to birthdays. We have Gaia up first in December, then Hutch in January (along with my mom), then me in February, and Anders will be one in March. It happens to be packed around Christmas with our friends and family. I have several friends who were born on or around Christmas, including Gaia's friend Noah, who turned 4 on December 26th last year. To make sure he had his own day, my friends postponed his celebration a few weeks. Last Sunday we were honored to take part in a fabulous party. The theme? Jake and the Neverland Pirates of course! It was an old fashioned … [Read more...]

October Festivities Round Up

We got a lovely cold front two Tuesdays ago which had me all excited for last weekend when we had plans for a full house of visitors. I had put off many fall festivals because of the heat, but as our plans finalized I knew there would be no denying that we'd just have to manage. The 22nd of October was so lovely for the residents of central Florida! As the weekend approached plans molded and changed and we were blessed with a surprise visit from my sister. I don't get to see her often, and three times within a year (last Christmas, her Spring Break, and then this) was amazing news! The weather had warmed up once more, but she was excited … [Read more...]

Preparations in Progress

Hello friends! I am in so much pain and so miserable I haven't been doing much of anything besides preparing for the baby's arrival. I'm hoping if I stay busy worrying about that he'll eventually show his adorable face. There's not much setting up left to do, but I'm reminded of little things every day when I imagine him being around. The below photo should help summarize: I'm laughing because Gaia is actually being a total creep and is hiding behind me. She was photo bombing me pretty badly when Hutch was trying to get this picture. If you look to the right of the slightly-offensive car sticker my sister gifted me, you'll see Tonks being … [Read more...]

My Best Friend is a Superhero

Arianna, my best friend, is a superhero. I'm not even 100% sure if I should write her full name so potential employers can find this via Google or not, but she's so awesome I just had to share with you how lucky I am to have such a bright, shining star in my life. I met Arianna my senior year in high school in a creative writing class. She sat next to me in her jean jacket and peace sign tee shirt and immediately began to talk to me with this annoyingly cheerful tone. (I did not enjoy high school... I was not pleasant.) I don't think it took longer than a week for her to break me. We became really good friends. Arianna is the most … [Read more...]