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Day 2

Oh man this is really easy for me but it's so hard to write because I fear they may know exactly who they were if they ever came and read my blog. I suppose because of that fact I should state that just because I think they're annoying doesn't mean I don't love them. After all, I'd delete them if I didn't like them, right? Of course, so here it goes... My most annoying friend on Facebook whines and complains and throws pity parties on almost every post. My life hasn't been perfectly peachy either, but people on Facebook don't know my entire life because I don't advertise it's crappiness every hour. Also, she's always talking about how the … [Read more...]

[Almost] Wordless Wednesday #17

Last week we went to the beach with Miss Jalina and her mama. We flew kites and built sand castles. Mamas drank beer. Babies ate watermelon. It was overcast and rained a bit, but it was fabulous. … [Read more...]

What’s a Weekend?

My feet are getting better. Here I am on a Saturday, after the late shift, and my feet are barely sore. I am tired still, of course, but my feet are manageable and that's splendid. I still don't feel like doing much of anything on these days that I work, but I felt like it was time to get in gear. I know I've been slackin' when I get to my Google Reader and have 700+ posts to read. Le sigh... Last week my Denny's was closed, but instead of being productive I went into lazy mode. Katrina and Jalina came from Orlando and spent a few days with us. I had one of the most fun trips to the beach as an adult ever. We just sat and flew kites and the … [Read more...]

Work, etc.

I have my pet peeves about working in the restaurant business, which is why I have been desperately searching for a major to go to school towards. I kind of needed a break after the last three weeks to tell you the truth. Between my feet and my frustration, I felt myself getting totally worn out. Thankfully we are closing today at 3pm for front of the house remodeling. I'll only be out of work a few days and yesterday was rough. Two servers called out on a Saturday, folks. It was not fun. I was busy until 2pm. And we didn't get breaks because we were already short staffed. By 4 it slowed down enough for there to just be two of us, but we … [Read more...]

Darcee’s Hope Review & Giveaway

I don't normally wear jewelery because my skin is sensitive and I break out in a horrible rash! Since I've returned to waiting tables though I've discovered strict policies on jewelery leave me with no option other than to explore every possible route to claiming my individuality. I've had to give up my facial piercings. Sadness. I have my cartilage on one ear pierced and my tragus on the other... so no more earrings either. More sadness! I have my everyday ring, so no more rings! They're killing me. I don't have a lot of cute, short necklaces though and I figured I should branch out and grab some. I received the most adorable best friend … [Read more...]

Moving Progress

Lots of things can go wrong on moving day. We tried to have as little of that as possible but some things still managed to surprise us. Thursday I spent mostly packing and lifting to stack boxes ready for the truck. Gaia and I stayed at Hutch's parents' and int he morning they made pancakes: All you do is add sprinkles when they are about ready to flip. Yummy! Then we got a second U-haul for Hutch's things. Him and his brother worked on his stuff and Carlos and a really nice man from Craig's List came with my things. Hutch's mom offered to watch Gaia so that was cool. My dad and my friend Missy drove up from Sarasota to help paint. Hutch's … [Read more...]

Humanities Day – Friends’ Spotlight

I am not very artistic in the classical sense. I actually used to paint as a child, even won a few contests. I stopped though, because my talent was not appreciated by someone very dear to me and so I didn't feel a  need to continue or advance my technique. Now all my art is in the form of doodles. I guess I do have a crafty talent, but even those creations are far from professional. No dwelling though! My life is fabulous as it is and those experiences made me the person I am today! So, these are just a few of the paintings I ave acquired from friends... From left to right: Halley Barrett, Melissa Summers, Johnnie Sebastian, Ashley … [Read more...]

[Almost] Wordless Wednesday #4

These are the only photos I took during Jalina's 2nd birthday party on Sunday. The girls were being adorable having a chalkboard party. Gaia was Jalina's age when I met her mama at the baby film festival, so it's interesting to see them together again after two years. Of course we couldn't get the girls to smile together... Katrina (Jalina's mama) has just announced their very pregnant cat had kittens Monday! Gaia and I are going over today to see the babies and stake our claim. I already know I'll probably want the calico one, but I gotta check them all out anyway. I'm such a sucker for kittens. It's perfect timing because by the time … [Read more...]