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A year of amazing loot and year two for Loot Crate!

Here it is... Loot Crate number 12.  I have received 12 fabulous crates and they just get better and better for me! Last year I got my very first crate in July of 2013. They continued piling up. I had to stash my Loot Crate items around and distribute them throughout my house. I even re-purposed several rates last Christmas as gift boxes. Now I have a slightly smaller stack of crates... My 12th crate was oddly shaped. All of my crates were stubby like the ones on the left in the photo above. Then the LAUNCH crate was more of a cube. After that they were flatter looking, never as alluring as the original. Then last month this weird looking … [Read more...]

Game Smarter, Not Harder

I admit it, I don't get much down time these days. Two kids, lots of schoolwork, field work, housekeeping, and blogging all keep me busy busy busy. However, the winter holiday leaves me with quite a bit of mama time. The fiance has shorter work weeks, the kids are all perfectly content with relaxed bedtimes, and (assuming I schedule things correctly) I don't have classes or field work for a whole two weeks! My recreational activity of choice is gaming. I've always been into gaming, preferably on a well equipped home desktop. I do own a Nintendo 64, Wii, and Xbox 360. But when it comes to all-out entertainment I definitely go for PC … [Read more...]

Gaming and Snacking & Pregnancy Laziness

I am 39 weeks today and I'm not feeling up to doing much of anything lately. Call it pure laziness if you'd like, but I can be found either on the computer snacking my way through matches of free online video games, or chilling on the couch admiring my belly. It is true that as time goes on I am totally in pain and writhing through the motions of every day, but during these quiet moments I look down and I realize that yes... I will miss my belly. I am about to waddle my way up to the gas station for my daily Mountain Dew and BBQ Lays (I'm horrible, I know). Every time I decide to make the trek I battle with myself. Is it really worth it? … [Read more...]