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This Year Make Your Smile Brilliant! {Review}

It's amazing how humbling it is when you take a good look at your teeth. Growing up my mom never put too much emphasis on dental hygiene, but rather left it up to us to take care of our teeth using her own experiences as an example. It must have worked because I never had a cavity in my childhood. It wasn't until I had my wisdom teeth removed that I even saw my first cavity. Now that I'm an adult I take brushing my teeth very seriously. I think most of us can agree that white teeth are attractive. Sometimes a good looking smile can be the cherry on top to looking and feeling good. When I was given the opportunity to work with Smile … [Read more...]

Kicking 2015’s butt!

I haven't been feeling very wordy lately, but I wanted to meet my goal of getting this post finished and published. Ironically, my word for this year is ACCOUNTABILITY. Last year my word was TIME, and I wanted to encompass managing my time and fitting in enough space to slow down as well. Though contradictory, I was able to fulfill a lot of my personal desires by reminding myself of that simple word. This year I'm going to try and push that even more by holding myself accountable for my actions and connecting the pathways of my own future through my own actions. I thought on it long enough, and that's the best word I could find to summarize … [Read more...]

Soda-Free September

My fiance and I are getting married in November. That's pretty crazy in itself. I mean after all this talk WE ARE FINALLY DOING IT! I've already sent invites and annoyed my father with all of the details 100 times. I'm getting ready to make the final payments on everything. It's getting real! We're in the 6 week window... We started way too late to get sexy for the wedding, but we've decided together to get healthy. We need to lose weight. Both of us. As a stepping stone we've decided to stop eating fast food and drinking soda. In reality that just means I live in the kitchen now, but lucky for us I like cooking (when I don't have a children … [Read more...]

Learn a New Language the Easy Way with the Pimsleur Approach

Fun fact: My grandmother was 100% German born and raised. She met my grandfather as a waitress in a  local bar next to the military base. He was a regular there and although they had met it wasn't until he paid for her to go to Berlin to bury her mom (may she rest in peace) that my grandmother decided to give my grandfather a shot. They got married, and my dad was born in France. They traveled some more, had more kids, and their kids had kids. Voila! I was born. And a whole 1/4 German at that! My grandmother taught us a few words in German. She was very German and talked German on the phone all the time. She cried in German and cursed in … [Read more...]

Fold a Nursing Cover Without Damaging the Boning

Anders is teething. Molars or something. I don't really know, but I know it's driving me batty. Since I have a busy week next week preparing for our trip to Kentucky (I'm going alone with two kids... kill me), I'm trying my best to stay ahead on my "important stuff." None of which is actually a necessity, but the stress of having things to do makes me feel alive. I work best under pressure. I just got finished writing a letter to an old friend. In it I explained how I've been making these little to-do lists and rewarding myself for crossing things off. I read once that productivity motivates you. Apparently it's best to put easy things on … [Read more...]

Goodbye 2013. Hello 2014!

Another year goes by. It seems to always go by so fast when you try and take a look at in retrospect. I made a lot of transitions in 2013 and 2014 is already proving to be a jam-packed year of working hard, having fun, and living better. Let's take a look at what went on and what is to come. The most popular posts in 2013 were... How to make your own hands free nursing bra on the cheap - This post actually almost didn't exist. I was told that it was so simple and common knowledge that there wasn't a place for such a tutorial on the internet. But with supplies you most likely already have on hand, you can pump hands free using this simple … [Read more...]

Ready for a New Year

I have been contemplating the direction this blog is headed for a while now. With the birth of my son this past year things kind of fell off there for a while. Moving, my daughter starting school, my journey into furthering my own career as a teacher... it all just added up and I wasn't able to dedicate myself to this blog as much as I wanted to. I want that to change. All of those life things will still be around, but I want very much to continue sharing my life's success stories with you. I want to share my failures, too, so that maybe one day you might learn from them. I want to get back into posting about my crafts and my adventures in … [Read more...]


Welcome to the new blog! Atta Mama is a clean slate for me in the world of blogging. I have transferred all the content from Shary Loves You for the sake of keeping track of my past experiences. The purpose of this blog rebranding is to refocus my energies in the right places. Our family also moved to a new area of central Florida, and so I would like to take this opportunity to live a happier life. This blog will still do product reviews and occasional giveaways, however a majority of the content will be authentic experiences with my transitions in my personal life. Some things to look forward to are my adjustments back to green living and … [Read more...]

Post-Baby Exercise Plans (Baby BeeHaven Review)

Fun fact about me: I gained 73 pounds during my first pregnancy. Yes, you read that right. Miss Gaia made this mama gain nearly 3 times as much as the "recommended weight" for most, normal pregnancies.I was pretty depressed about the whole thing actually. I had a rough time during those ten months she was in my womb. And to be honest I didn't have a lot of support after she was born. I was really lonely and I continued to not care at all about my body image. I did nothing extra except gain more self-confidence and motivated myself towards my own happiness and finally, after three and a half years the weight began to just melt off. It's … [Read more...]

Four Books

Four Books [I need to read]: Roots The Iliad and The Odyssey Pride and Prejudice Catch-22 … [Read more...]