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The Green Cleaning Coach Helps Us to Stay Green!

I don't generally buy paper products or harsh chemicals unless I have something totally messy to deal with. Hutch actually told me recently that I'm the most eco-concious person he's ever known in real life. I was shocked, honestly, because I'm not a supper hippie tree-hugger by any means. I just try to be aware and minimize my footprint on the Earth. It seems natural to want to do so, and I find it a tad insulting when people think me washing my napkins is "strange." The Green Cleaning Coach sent me a little kit to help my efforts to minimize waste and be gentler on the planet starting with my home. My cleaning kit included one Skoy cloth, … [Read more...]

This Nesting Mama Loves Ology

I think I'm nesting. I don't quite have the urge to do 50 million things at once, but I do have this need to start tidying things up a bit to prepare for the baby. Two o'clock in the morning seems to be my motivational time, which is unfortunate because I can't sew or vacuum at 2 am. Thankfully there's lots of quiet activities to keep me occupied, though scrubbing the shower tile isn't my idea of fun. But hey, what can you do? I was told about this awesome new product I just had to try. Ology is a new line of products exclusive to Walgreens. I actually love drug stores already, so checking out what Ology was up to proved to be no hassle at … [Read more...]