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Salt Dough Craft: Egyptian Cartouche

I love Egypt and I love being able to share my love for this part of history with my daughter. If homeschooling has taught me anything it's that everyone needs space and everyone needs to slow down sometimes. I admit I'm not perfect, and I fell behind a few weeks ago in my well thought-out (if not overly ambitious) lesson plans. I was trying to hurry up and I was frustrated because my daughter was not learning at the same speed that I was teaching. I felt like a failure and I managed to find the strength to walk away from my failures. We were learning about Egypt and I was trying to get Gaia to recognize the complexity of hieroglyphic … [Read more...]

Beating Thrush – A Poem About Victory

When it comes to breastfeeding I feel like I've dealt with just about every possible downfall there is. And in case you ever forgot, thrush is kind of my thing. Today Mama Pure is featuring a little poem I wrote on her blog. Click the picture below to head over and check it out. Beating Thrush - A Poem About Victory   If you're interested in my journey here is some more reading material for you: My nursing story with Gaia is here on Livejournal. You can read about how to beat the yeast beast on Breastfeeding Place. Here's my fight with the candida curse. … [Read more...]

My Proposal Story

Hey guys! Today I am guest posting over at Let Them Eat Cake as part of Rebecca's wedding anniversary week! Stop by and check out my story. Today I share how Hutch and I got engaged last year. It's a treat, I tell you! Click here to read my proposal story! … [Read more...]

Cute-a-saurus Hoodie Giveaway!

I'm giving a custom toddler hoodie away at Handmade Reviews! Go check out the giveaway!!! … [Read more...]

My new planner makes me happy :)

I've been trying to have my new life a little more organized. I guest posted last weekend at To Sew with Love about my craft space, and now I' want to share with you my newest organizational happiness. The planner I was using was free from the college I attended and ends this month. I panicked and bought a new one because I used it to schedule out stuff for my blog. It also became a lifesaver when I started signing up for free trials with InboxDollars. So we went shopping last week. I also needed pens for work and I chose the color pack this time. I only ever use Pilot G-2 07 pens if I have a choice. I love them very much. Blue is for … [Read more...]

TV Shows that Dominate Our Television

I am participating in the May Post Project hosted by She Promotes. I headed over to Southern Girl Ramblings and Kecia's post on TV Shows dominating her TV caught my eye. We don't have cable around these parts (though we're contemplating getting it because it's honestly worth it if we bundle internet with cable), but we did have Netflix for the past 4 years. Here's a list of shows I would be happy to never see again. (You know, because when all you have is instaplay you see every show fifty-eleven times.) Dora the Explorer - Please, for the love of God, stop making Dora the Explorer episodes. I just can't take it anymore. It's so repetitive … [Read more...]

Tea Tree Oil guest post

Guest posting on Practical Frugality on tea tree oil. :) Go check it out! … [Read more...]

A Life Full of Laughter

I am guest posting over at A Life Full of Laughter today. I did a simple DIY mod podge picture frame project. Come over and say hi! … [Read more...]