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Simplifying No Poo with Mirasol Farm

Guys, I have a confession: I was sick of the natural beauty routine that made my hair feel both dry and waxy at different intervals between showers. I could tweak forever and play with different methods, but I just want to live an easy life free of chemicals in which my hair still looks fabulous. In a moment of desperation I reached out to Mirasol Farm and begged them to send me more of their fabulous herbal shampoo bar. It seriously does wonders. The herbal shampoo bar from Mirasol Farm is top notch. No matter where I've bathed, no matter the water source... My hair always comes out looking and feeling fabulous. It's important for me to … [Read more...]

Fight Head Lice with the Natural Formula of ClearLice

Back to school season... wooo!By this time most of the nation's kids have began their first weeks of public school and us homeschoolers are sitting around wondering what all the hallabalu is about. (I lie, we're actually quite thankful because the parks are quiet.) Moms all over are rejoicing for bittersweet moments of peace and quiet and alone time. Unfortunately this back-to-school business can stimulate other seasonal issues... like head lice. August is peak season for lice infestations because children spend more time with other children. And homeschool children are not left out... A full grown louse can live up to 48 hours off of a … [Read more...]

No Poo and Hard Water… It’s “Harder” Than It Looks!

I've been no pooing off and on for the better part of four years. It all started with a desire for less maintenance overall. I had just gotten officially separated from my ex-husband and I was rebelling against his idea of the the perfect woman... who happens to also conform to all of the normal society expectations like wearing make-up, shaving, and spending hours worrying about what everyone else thought of you based on appearances. If you know me at all, you might have a clear picture as to why we couldn't possibly fall in love. Go figure! Anyhow, I just dove in one day and was like "Yeah no poo!" I started with the regular regime of … [Read more...]

How to Chop Off Your Hair in 3 Easy Steps

In case you didn't know, I live in Florida. I don't remember suffering this much as a child, but I know the past few summers have been brutal. We've been breaking records since April and I have a bad feeling about this summer, guys and gals. It's bad enough to barely have a winter, but to have such intense hot weather... well it's enough to drive a girl batty! I have notoriously long hair. Now when you see pictures of my with said hair it doesn't look that long really. I am aware of this and I am not bragging about my lovely locks. (See what I did there?) I think what makes it so prominent of a feature is that there is a lot of it. You know … [Read more...]

This Weekend Matters

Today was an unplanned day of pampering myself. I had the car and was all alone, so I went to spend some gift cards. I bought myself my first ever pair of old lady pants (you know... the slacks where the entire waistband is elastic) so I'd have something to wear outside the house that wasn't a maxi dress. I also decided that after 18 months of going "natural" I'd dye my hair again. You know that feeling you get when you have to just do something different with your hair? I have been getting so antsy with mine and even thought about trying a pixie haircut! No bueno for these thick locks. I was toying with the idea of finally going purple, but … [Read more...]

[Almost] Wordless Wednesday #16

We got Gaia's hair cut this weekend. I keep calling her my little French girl. :) We love it!!! … [Read more...]

About “the pups”

I am going to talk to you about armpits. Yes.. armpits. If, for whatever reason, this topic makes you feel grossed out or uncomfortable, then feel free to skip this post. I will not be offended. I've mentioned it before on my blog: I don't shave my armpits on a regular basis. Why? Because to me razor burn and itchiness is worse than fuzzy pits. I like to feel comfortable and not worry about those kinds of societal expectations. Also, I could never, as a emerging adult, figure out how shaved armpits looked so smooth and uniform to the rest of the arms' skin tone. Mine would look like slightly bumpy darker areas and I found that even less … [Read more...]

No Heat Curls

I made a sock donut thingy months ago, but have never actually done the no heat curls trick with the sock bun. Well last night I was really bored and decided to go ahead and try it. (Have no idea what I'm talking about? Watch this video on youtube.) Totally easy. I'm definitely adding this to my bag of tricks. I was skeptical at first because I have lots of hair. I mean lots... most hair tutorials fail me because there's just too much to style every day. I don't have time for that kind of maintenance. Also, I have to sleep with my hair flipped up on the pillow and I assumed wearing it up like this would bother me. Honestly I tied the hair … [Read more...]

Feather Hair Extensions + Giveaway

So we did the hair extensions today. Don't mind how poofy my hair is. It always poofs up until I sleep on it. Which is why I shower later in the day and don't wash it often. Gaia had a yellow one, but she pulled it out less than an hour after we did it. They are meant to last a few weeks, so she wound up ripping out some hair too, but didn't seem to notice until I pointed it out. I didn't do it "the right way," as I am no salon expert. I watched this video, and I used a piece of thread to make a loop to feed my hair through the bead. I then used some big heavy duty man pliers to squish the bead and apply the extension. It worked fine, so … [Read more...]