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What is Mother Roasting?

Western culture is funny when it comes to respecting the new role of motherhood. It was apparent that my community here lacked support for mothers, so I decided to take all of my training and knowledge and apply it to helping moms in their postpartum period. Though there's plenty of room for the practical side of celebrating the fourth trimester, I like my life with a bit of "woo woo" sprinkled in. Back in March I had the pleasure of attending a holistic postpartum doula training. I learned how to do many things, but our focus was based on the mother roasting traditions around the world. Mother roasting is a universal practice that … [Read more...]

Natural Birth Stories {Review & Giveaway}

My best friend is pregnant. It was this big secret for a while, but she's been outed on Facebook so I'm finally allowed to squeal with joy at the top of my lungs. She's the lovely lady who accompanied in my birth experience for my youngest, but she's also bee my best friend since 2004. I'm diffidently excited because she's probably the best person ever. I think Arianna would make a wonderful mother! She's so good with kids, and she's the most honest and real gal I've ever had the pleasure to meet. Unfortunately, I can't attend the birth. I'm so sad! It's an impossible task no matter how I have it planned. Knowing my luck, her baby would be … [Read more...]

The Home Birth of Anders Orion

I thought I should hurry and get this online as soon as possible because my baby bliss is starting to fade. Instead the intimidation of going from one child to two is settling in right next to the crazy hormone surges that accompany baby blues. In case you'd forgotten, my pregnancy this time around was absolutely miserable and I was in so much pain I had tried every form of natural induction from home known to the internet. Last Friday I was crampy all day. I was still living life as usual, just a little uncomfortable. Around 9:30 pm I started to have painful contractions about 10 minutes apart. I went ahead and told Hutch about them, but … [Read more...]