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These Love Birds Got Hitched!

It's done. I'm married, guys! I want to lead by telling you how disastrous the wedding was, but it was kind of magical at the same time. Long story short it rained on the afternoon of my modest backyard shindig. In fact, the rain began as we were saying our vows giving us only an hour to enjoy all the pretty decorations before having to move what we could inside (and that was only thanks to a lovely neighbor offering up his canopy for guests). It was cramped inside my father's home, to say the least, but we managed to ride out the storm among friends and family. We only scared off a few people with our shoulder-to-shoulder shenanigans and … [Read more...]

Mission: The Happy Couple

I have arguments with my fiance. It is almost always related to money in one way or another. It starts off with one of us needing or spending money, and then the other places blame. (Note: The blame can come up as part of another argument. Like that time is said "Well if you didn't go buying [this thing I feel isn't important]...") We usually take things way too personal and yell and/or cry. I had an argument with my fiance last night. There was a police car in our complex checking out some graffiti on one of the buildings and we were headed to the grocery store. It was dark out and it's kind of chilly compared to our normal Floridia winter … [Read more...]

7 Steps to Stay Connected to Your Partner During an Argument

Do you argue with your significant other? I think arguing is healthy in moderation. Hutch and I argue on a regular basis. Generally a lot of our frustration stems from financial difficulties. Everything else is almost always an issue of misunderstanding. We get all riled up and then we eventually figure out we were just practicing poor communication. I wanted to share this info-graphic I found ages ago. It is really helpful and can benefit you and help keep your relationship in the "healthy argument" stages. :) Info-graphic originally posted by A Center for Marriage Counseling. … [Read more...]

My Proposal Story

Hey guys! Today I am guest posting over at Let Them Eat Cake as part of Rebecca's wedding anniversary week! Stop by and check out my story. Today I share how Hutch and I got engaged last year. It's a treat, I tell you! Click here to read my proposal story! … [Read more...]

What’s in my box?

Need something to get you in the mood this holiday season? I found the perfect thing! Last week I received my first Luvmybox.┬áIt arrived in a discrete brown box and when I opened that up I had this amazing box full of goodies! What's inside this month? Ring O's cock ring oral sex dice Good Head lube in Sweet Strawberry Frisk micro mints in Peppermint Wet Together lubricant for couples, one for him one for me! 2 Swipes Lovin' Wipes Now that's what I call a goody bag! Dice are always fun, so that was fun to see in there. This strawberry lube actually tastes good (I had to try it). Lube is good all the time and makes things super fun, … [Read more...]

Do You Kiss Your Kiddos on the Lips?

Yes, yes I do. Now this photo is nearly 2 years old, but apparently it's the best one I got of our smooches. Here Gaia is two, but she's four now and we still smooch it up on a regular basis. We actually love exchanging kisses sometimes having kiss fests ending in giggles and slobbery faces. It's situational sometimes and we'll do the cheek thing. I'm quite certain that when she gets older she'll lean more towards cheek kisses. But until she denies them, lip kissies all the way! As a side note, sometimes people deny her lip kisses and she doesn't quite understand why she can kiss mommy and not Grandpa Pat or Miss Brenda on the lips. She … [Read more...]

Nine Loves

Nine Loves: I love my daughter and I love my unborn baby. Being a mother makes me really happy, even on the days I feel so stressed I might collapse. Totally worth it. I love my boyfriend, Hutch. I love how he snuggles, how he's always helping me out, and how he's always making me laugh. Also, I love his fake mean/sad faces. I love cats. I love every kind of cat... no, really. I LOVE CATS! I love October. It's my favorite month of the year. I do love Halloween, but even if Halloween was in another month I'd still love October just as much. I love potatoes. :3 I freaking love the feeling of wind blowing through my leg hair. I'm sorry I … [Read more...]

Forward Momentum

It's Monday again and the husband is out of town again this week. It's another week where he's carpooling with someone else, so at least we have the car to go out and adventure around town. I'm sure I'll do something exciting along the way, but my craft to-do list is shorter this time because I have other things to do. I'll be making some pajama pants for Miss Gaia and posting a tutorial tomorrow. I also want to get started on her St. Patrick's Day outfit. I haven't decided if I want to make a dress or a skirt, but either way ruffles are involved. (I'm a bit obsessed with ruffles.) A majority of my week will be going through and filling out … [Read more...]

Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day, honestly, has never been something I've celebrated besides dressing up my daughter in little girly hearts. My mother made Gaia this adorable dress, but it's a little big and I have yet to fix it. (Right after this, I promise. I actually have other things to do on the sewing machine today, so that'll be my inspiration.)   Today though, I'm celebrating a different way. I'm participating in the Valentine's Day Online Facebook Nurse-In. "Despite a policy change, Facebook is continuing to target and harass women by removing their photos and suspending their accounts. There is a point at which Facebook will no longer be able … [Read more...]