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Bluum into Summer! {Bluum Box Review]

We're big mail people here. If you cloth diaper or babywear then you know that "fluff mail" feeling... I try to get that feeling every day by connecting through snail mail. I know my mail carrier by name. It also goes worth noting that my dad has worked for the USPS for almost 30 years! Even though we live in an instant gratification world full of awesome technology for communicating, nothing feels better than coming home to a pile of letters and packages. I often share my Loot Crate each month with my family when appropriate, but I recently branched out to try and include my kids in that excitement of getting something just for them. When … [Read more...]

Away for the Holidays Postcard Swap!

All these Secret Santa and ornament swaps have me busy busy busy! (In a good way, of course.) I am sad to see it end, and honestly was kind of bummed I didn't host one of my own. We'll, I've decided to keep the cheer going and do a little post-holiday swap! So here we are, announcing the Away for the Holidays postcard swap! I'm running this baby through Elfster. It's my first time. I'm participating in a few more over there and so far I like the website. So this swap is all about being away for the holidays. It's cheap, easy, and it adds a little joy to returning home after a long winter vacation. Basically while you're out of town … [Read more...]

DIY: Envelopes from Magazine pages

I'm a re-user. I have stacks of things that otherwise might look like trash, but when I look at them I see future gifts of joy! Something I have in excess is a stack of pages ripped from magazines. I learned long ago that with a little freezer paper you could have adorable one-of-a-kind envelopes! If you search for tutorials on how to make envelopes you will find simple ones with paper, and cool things you can do with tissue + freezer paper. I've combined all the tutorials on envelope making and come up with the following for magazine pages. First of all, I would like to state up front that I do not have an ironing board at this time. I … [Read more...]

Why Does My Oven Hate Me?

I am rather angry with my oven. Around the holidays I was having problems baking my cookies. They weren't cooking all the way through. To give you an idea, my Nutella cookies normally take 11 minutes (9 after the pan gets hot) at 350. When I was doing holiday baking, I had to watch them like a hawk, sometimes for 20 minutes, only to have the edges burnt and the center slightly gooey. I let them completely cool and sent them anyway, but I was not a happy girl. I assumed it was because I used tub butter, but then there was today... So Gaia and I were making Nutella cookies for a friend of mine. My friend, Kat, had just discovered Nutella and … [Read more...]