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A Thanks to THINX! {a review}

If you're new here, here's something I want you to know: pads and tampons are harmful to your body. These days finding a menstrual cup or cloth pads isn't all that hard. In fact, there's even a product that keeps you feeling fresh without the mess. The best part is, you don't even have to alter your morning routine. THINX is a brand of underwear made just for women during menstruation. People often freak out when you mention "free bleeding." But it's really more like wearing a pad than anything else. Just imagine THINX as a pair of underwear with a built in pad that isn't filled with nasty chemicals that poison your vagina. The … [Read more...]

In Which I’m an Angry Feminist.

It's not often I get political up in here, but it's been long over due. Things happen in the world that upset me. I sometimes find myself digging myself in this deep, deep hole of despair because something awful is happening half way across the planet and there's nothing I can do about it. In order to protect myself from these feelings of guilt and hopelessness I try to avoid knowing too much about things that don't directly affect me. My fiance gets mad at my purpose-driven ignorance. He wants to know why I don't want to cry about Russia instead of making pop corn and watching Star Wars. I don't like to cry. And so that is that. But … [Read more...]

Help a Sister Out with Softcup!

The dreaded postpartum period. Regardless of your decisions for the new baby's nutrition, there will eventually come a time where your period will come back and you will remember all the reasons it sucks to not actually be pregnant. For some women it's four months. The average for breastfeeding women is 7 months, and then you have the lucky ones who make it all the way past a year before ever showing signs of their cycle returning. But eventually it does come back. Drats! We talked a little last year about how horrible disposable pads and tampons were for both you and the environment. I was trying to convince everyone to make the switch to … [Read more...]

Honor the Earth {Giveaway Hop}

Welcome to the Honor the Earth Giveaway Hop, hosted by Happy Mothering, Easy Green Mom and Brittleby's Corner through the Green Moms Network! Each of the participating blogs is offering a prize package to help you Honor the Earth for Earth Day! While Earth Day comes just once a year, we want to give you ideas on how you can care for the environment every day. One of the easiest ways, in my opinion, to honor the Earth is to cut back on disposable products I use in my home. As a woman this includes switching out my feminine products for a safer, ecofriendly alternative. I personally use a menstrual cup, but I've recently began crafting cloth … [Read more...]

A Day Just for Sewing

I turned 27 on Monday. It was a super relaxed day and nothing too celebratory happened. I did take part in some Waffle House breakfast and a free Starbucks coffee, but after all that I hurried home to spend an entire day on my new serger. An entire day! When I sew I generally have to break a project up into little baby steps. If I get strait to work in the mornings this is my biggest stretch of free time. But generally what happens is after waking up I decide "oh let me google this" or "I wonder if so-and-so emailed me back." Then I get sucked into internet world and before I know it that precious time of independent play is over and it's … [Read more...]

Why Menstrual Cups are Better Than Pads and Tampons

I reached out on my Facebook page the other day asking for opinions and questions on menstrual cups. I had a friend surprisingly respond with an array of questions and she was serious about knowing more. I was surprised because this friend in question is really quite educated and I was unaware she hadn't already made the switch like other girlfriends I associate her with. So I'm dedicating this post to said friend, and all the other women out there who wish they knew more about menstrual cups! My Problem with Pads and Tampons I remember before my cup days I used tampons. They'd often hurt going in and leak and my period was a pain. Then the … [Read more...]