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[Almost] Wordless Wednesday #12

First time using the tripod. I am gross from rearranging stuff. Shhh. The hand made labels for the lactation cookie giveaway. Kitties! Failed photo sesh with my nails. Thought it was coolish looking. Now yours for WW. My mailboxes have no distinctive marks. I now have a sticker on mine. :)   … [Read more...]

Starbucks is Lame.

Today was laundry day. I don't normally hate laundry so much, but I have to fight for my turn. Yes, the laundry unit is right next door and I have to fight for my turn. The walls are thin, so if I keep the house quiet I can hear the dryer or lack there of. Each load costs $3. It sucks, too, cause the three of us can produce I lot of laundry. My complex is trying to be all cute and professional. Today we received the new newsletter. They've officially changed the name to Garden Isles so isn't that spiffy? I also got my first religious solicitor. It was a cute Asian lady inviting me to festivities Thursday. I'll probably go because she said it … [Read more...]

More Kitten Pictures!

Round three of our U-haul adventure happened yesterday. My ex wasn't able to fit all the things into our first U-haul from Orlando so he had to get another. I finally got Gaia's bed and my shelves... only the hardware is still in Orlando so I won't actually get anything more done until Friday. I am annoyed, to say the least, but what can I do? My interview Friday at Olive Garden went great. She has to check my references. Assuming that they all check out I'm pretty sure I got the job. I have to wait til Wednesday to know for sure. Tomorrow I'm going to apply at IHOP and maybe find the Massage Envy. I'd hate to waste time waiting and then not … [Read more...]

[Almost] Wordless Wednesday #11

Can you tell I edited their eyeballs? Stupid red glare ruining my precious kitties. Seriously. They don't have names yet, but the orange one is a boy and the tortoise shell kitty is a girl. She's feisty, let me tell you. I just want to cuddle her all day every day, but she's still mad at me for taking her away from the wild. I gave them baths yesterday and soon I'll take them to the vet. They have some fleas, some worms, and dirty ears. These are all things I've dealt with before when rescuing feral kittens. No worries. Just cuteness. Honestly these are the most scared rescue cats I've ever had, so the domestication process is a tough one. … [Read more...]

Positive Things

I don't try to be too picky. I am not living in a first rate complex and I completely understand that. However the place was not, in my opinion, "ready" for us to move in. When I get back on Monday I'm going to have to seriously clean the pantry and try and fix the shelving. I've already put in a maintenance request for all the other little things, and the biggest thing is that the porch is complete shit (excuse my language), but they did mention when we first looked at the property that they were trying to remove the screens entirely so the porches were all open. I'm hoping they just haven't done that yet and it'll look better soon. I'm … [Read more...]

Moving Progress

Lots of things can go wrong on moving day. We tried to have as little of that as possible but some things still managed to surprise us. Thursday I spent mostly packing and lifting to stack boxes ready for the truck. Gaia and I stayed at Hutch's parents' and int he morning they made pancakes: All you do is add sprinkles when they are about ready to flip. Yummy! Then we got a second U-haul for Hutch's things. Him and his brother worked on his stuff and Carlos and a really nice man from Craig's List came with my things. Hutch's mom offered to watch Gaia so that was cool. My dad and my friend Missy drove up from Sarasota to help paint. Hutch's … [Read more...]

[Almost] Wordless Wednesday #10

The view from my desk. My little office/craft area has turned into "where we put the boxes." This is how I feel. It's like a gasp but with more anxiety involved. … [Read more...]


This picture was just to precious not to share. After waking up and going to the bathroom, she just looked t0o precious to ignore. And yeah, that's my bed. She sneaks in every morning to snuggle. Sometimes when I'm half asleep not wanting to get up she rubs my back. After three minutes she'll ask if that's enough and I groan a "yes" and then she promptly asks for breakfast. We talked a little bit about her room. She said she wants a treehouse. We have this bed from Ikea, complete with tent. The tent is removable though, an entirely different piece. So I think we'll put the tent part in storage and paint a tree in the corner. I think I can … [Read more...]

Organizing, phase 1

I got some awesome mail today. Included was some stones I ordered off of Tophatter (well, won... it's an auction site). I then went searching for my box that had my rocks and things. I was excited because it was in the same place as my passport cover! That's important because I'm actually getting my first passport soon. I got the cover at the flea market years ago knowing I'd eventually need one. And I do yay! (My grandmother bought our entire family tickets for a cruise. She wants her ashes spread over the ocean in October.) Here's my box of stone and things. :) I also found my zines. And my ATC collection. And my business card … [Read more...]

More on the Move…

We were approved for our apartment with only a months worth of rent as the deposit. Hutch and I are both young adults with little to no credit so that was to be expected. I am glad it is not more. :) Since getting the approval phone call they've decided to change our unit. We requested the first floor and when we drove by a few weeks ago our apartment was in the very inside next to the dumpster. This is fine, and being close to the dumpster is 50/50 for me (smells bad walking to your car, but less of a walk to throw the trash). And not to be stereotypical because for all I know they could've been great neighbors, but there were a lot of … [Read more...]