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Late Night Matcha Donuts for the Fam.

Summer becomes such an intense time for me. It's fun int eh sun time, but also "do all those things you didn't do during the winter months" time. I've been playing around with my diet making subtle changes searching for the right amount of energy to help me feel both motivated and relaxed to face the challenges of each day. I kept running into this word over and over: matcha. The more research I did the more I needed to try it out for myself. I decided that it was time for some matcha in matcha in my life. I went to Amazon, searched "organic green tea matcha" and voila, I got exactly what I was looking for. Kiss Me Organics makes an organic … [Read more...]

Apple Spice Muffins

The weather here has been ridiculously cold. I know that this winter has been worse for some, but as a Floridian towards the southernmost part of the peninsula I have been hibernating my bum off! I am sincerely surprised by these cold fronts. No snow or ice for us, but I find myself kind of wishing I was home for all that craziness. Sledding down Brook's Bridge seems like it could be a blast. We don't get much excitement up there, that's for sure. It's not exciting down here either. Like I said, I've been hibernating. I feel bad sending my oldest to school because I don't even want to go outside. I'm that person that's freaking out about any … [Read more...]

Week 2 Pinterest Challenge

I didn't craft diddly this week. I did work a tiny bit on the scarf I was making last week, but I haven't done anything past that. However, I was totally feeling my kitchen and I made all kinds of delicious things. I made taco soup (that was a majority of what we ate this week - so easy and good and reheats nicely!) and asparagus stuffed chicken... Both of those recipes I found on Pinterest. I also found some better than Starbucks iced coffee. I've been craving coffee a ton this pregnancy and so I found this recipe and I made it work for us. Hutch like sit a lot, too, because he doesn't have time to brew coffee int eh morning. I've been … [Read more...]