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Keeping My Daughter in Touch with Her Hispanic Heritage

I have a 6-year-old daughter who is half Hispanic. Her father's parents are natives to New Mexico with a big majority of her heritage being Hopi Indians. Her father isn't too big into the culture himself, and after meeting my language requirement for high school graduation I surpassed him in my Spanish knowledge. Her grandparents both are fluent, and we decided that we did not want her to miss out on that part of who she was. Besides Gaia's interaction with her grandparents on her father's side and her love for Dora the Explorer as a wee lass, she did not get too much of the language down in early years. We know how important childhood is … [Read more...]

Today Was A Good Day.

I love me some Ice Cube. I honestly dig everything he does from his music to his acting career. I was so excited to find out that his original "good day" was discovered using some mad research skills. Although Ice Cube only responded with "Nice try," I'm going to mark January 20th in my calendar as the anniversary of Ice Cube's fantastic voyage through the gangsta life. "Today Was A Good Day" was originally released in February of 1993 off of Ice Cube's third solo album, The Predator. The song has been featured in the top 10 on the infamous Billboard charts, is number 77 on VH1's Top 100 Songs of the 90's, and is included in the Grand Theft … [Read more...]

Jams for the Littles

I've mentioned before how much we love music in this house. My oldest daughter has her own unique tastes. I admit she enjoys those songs that aren't the most child-friendly, but I adore her style never-the-less. When children are little, sometimes loud music or things too hectic can make them feel uneasy. But let's face it, kids music is not too exciting for mom and dad either. That's why I love music like Jammy Jams. Once Upon This Rock is an album of Christian Rock covers to the tune of lullaby music. The track list is awesome and every tune is something I can sing along to to help soothe my little man to sleep. The Flyleaf track, "Fully … [Read more...]

I’m a Musical Mystery.

We're a very musical family. I don't play instruments myself, but both my fiance and my daughter play guitar. I do own both a bass guitar and  violin, but I just can't figure out how to make things sound pretty. We're all very much into listening to music though. With everyone combined we are very eclectic. Music is definitely at the heart of this family. I personally have a song in my head at all times. When Arianna was visiting for the birth of Anders we had a lengthy conversation about it. She was laughing at me for singing a Shania Twain song and I was like, "I don't control my internal radio. Only Universe can tell what will come … [Read more...]

Chantilly: Up to the Moon

We love music in my house. All of us value different and new stuff. I am very eclectic and I listen to a lot of things. Hutch says I'm not as cool as I think I am because I don't like noisy punk music. I deal with it for short periods of time because I love him. What I love even more is that he will listen to the slow girly music I prefer whenever I want. There's just something about folk/indie beats and female vocals paired together that I can't resist. I discovered this amazing musical artist earlier this month. It's my first totally new obsession in 2013 and I wanted to share it with you! Her name is Chantilly. She's not famous, but she … [Read more...]

Top Ten Road Trip CD’s

When I road trip I still prefer taking along my entire CD collection. I know it's a tad outdated, but the best part is nearly all of them are dated before 2007. I still love mix CD's (seriously LOVE them). Once I get through my favorite mixes, here are my favorites albums to jam to (in no particular order): M.I.A. - Arular Gaia actually loves this CD more than I do. She'll danceand sing repetitive lyrics and then ask for me to let the CD run a second time. Definitely a keeper amongst our road trip collection. (As a side note, I discovered this CD back in like 2005 before M.IA. was the bomb diggity.)   Moby - Play This is a great CD … [Read more...]

Two Songs

Two songs: I heard this song on the radio this morning and nearly died laughing at first. And then I just listened in awe. Give it a listen! If you don't like it that's okay... I won't take offense. Dan Bern - Jerusalem This next one is a bit explicit. If your kids are home and anywhere near you do not click play. I listen to lots of stuff, and I happen to really like dirty rap. I have a softness of Three 6 Mafia (Juicy J!!!!) and Lil' Wayne. Lil' Wayne's lyrics are confusing, but he comes up with some gems sometimes. My favorite line in this song is "If money grows on trees, I branched out." Yeahhhh son! Juicy J featuring Lil Wayne and … [Read more...]

What I’m Up To Wednesday

I'm getting really bad at socializing lately, especially when it comes to posting on my blog. Everything was going fabulously for a while. Of course, knowing my life, it could only go on for so long before something happened. We'll make it through, because that's just how life works for us and we're used to it. Meanwhile, I've been sitting about moping to myself and shutting down. I'm about to start my period. Sure, I already knew that because of my fancy little app on the boyfriend's phone. But a sure sign is when I start crying over music. Today I had a nice cry to the tune of Arcade Fire's "Funeral" album. It's so good. I was asking for … [Read more...]

Somebody That I Used to Know

I love this song, but I admit it's outplayed. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, press play:   "Shary, if it's outplayed why are you sharing it here?" I'll tell you. Because I saw this image and it made me literally laugh out loud... Bahahahahaha! If you need something a little less circulated, the girl from that Gotye song, Kimbra, did this fabulous number that released around the same time but got buried in the "Somebody That I Used to Know" hype. I love the beat on this song, "Settle Down." Makes me wanna dance!   What are you dancing to today?   … [Read more...]

Mommy can jam too!

I hope you all had a fabulous Mother's Day. I spent the morning crafting for my shop which I plan to open sometime VERY soon. Though it won't be fully stocked with all the amazing things I plan to sell, I wanted to get a few things up and running as a way to generate some income and share my craftiness with the world. I've been using all my free time between job hunting and interviews to do this. Hopefully we can all benefit from my very boring life. :) The entire day looked as if it was going to be uneventful, but the boyfriend came home and said his parents were having a cook-out and we were invited. So we headed down the interstate to … [Read more...]