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Thanks for my #SparkleVoxBox!

I received my Sparkle VoxBox weeks before Halloween, and I thought it only came with three products. I thought I would use the lashes for my costume, but I was so tired from a crazy day at work that I barely put any effort into that evening. I'm grateful that I had some Numi Tea to relax. Our favorite product from this "three-item box" was the Garnier Sulfate Free Cleanser. Believe it or not, my 9-year-old (10 in 3 weeks... what?!) is suffering from acne. It started very recently, but she's already come home crying because some jerk (a dumb boy) is making fun of her. We tried two cleansers so far and no results. With Garnier's new face … [Read more...]

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Polish – Round 2!

Welcome to the second round of Don't Cry Over Spilled Polish nail polish swap. The first time Rebecca hosted this, it was a great hit and successful. Not to mention really fun! So back by popular demand, is another round of the Don't Cry Over Spilled Polish nail polish swap. Since we are saying goodbye to the cooler weather, what could be more perfect than "April Showers Bring May Flowers?" I would like to introduce the ladies bringing you this swap. Myself along with two other lovely bloggers (and great friends of mine) are going to make this a fun exchange! You can follow each of these lovely bloggers below by visiting their … [Read more...]

This Weekend Matters

Today was an unplanned day of pampering myself. I had the car and was all alone, so I went to spend some gift cards. I bought myself my first ever pair of old lady pants (you know... the slacks where the entire waistband is elastic) so I'd have something to wear outside the house that wasn't a maxi dress. I also decided that after 18 months of going "natural" I'd dye my hair again. You know that feeling you get when you have to just do something different with your hair? I have been getting so antsy with mine and even thought about trying a pixie haircut! No bueno for these thick locks. I was toying with the idea of finally going purple, but … [Read more...]

My new favorite nail :)

Rimmel Pro base coat Prisma Luminous Color #6168 Matte About You top coat by Essie Sally Hennsen White out with dotter … [Read more...]

Another Monday! Yay!

I'm celebrating my three days off by proudly wearing my piercings, painting my nails every day, and catching up on some video games. My tongue was a pain to get back in as the hole really wanted to close. But after that was finished I somehow magically got my snake bite hoops on. Ladies and gents, this is the first time I've ever been able to work the tiny little rings myself. I normally have to go to a parlor if I want to wear the rings and beg a piercer to put the little balls on. I'm so excited! I decided to do pink and black last night. I don't know if I like the pink accent nail, but it'll have to do for now. Glitter polish is too much … [Read more...]

[Almost] Wordless Wednesday #13

I don't even know what's going on here... These are some glass animals I inherited from my grandmother. I need to doctor the display case so some of them can fit properly. My baby girl and her baby kitten. <3 Gray and pink zebra nails for the first half of the week. :) I won some stickers from Print Runner and I turned them into address labels. They're adorable, right? … [Read more...]

[Almost] Wordless Wednesday #12

First time using the tripod. I am gross from rearranging stuff. Shhh. The hand made labels for the lactation cookie giveaway. Kitties! Failed photo sesh with my nails. Thought it was coolish looking. Now yours for WW. My mailboxes have no distinctive marks. I now have a sticker on mine. :)   … [Read more...]

Organizing, phase 1

I got some awesome mail today. Included was some stones I ordered off of Tophatter (well, won... it's an auction site). I then went searching for my box that had my rocks and things. I was excited because it was in the same place as my passport cover! That's important because I'm actually getting my first passport soon. I got the cover at the flea market years ago knowing I'd eventually need one. And I do yay! (My grandmother bought our entire family tickets for a cruise. She wants her ashes spread over the ocean in October.) Here's my box of stone and things. :) I also found my zines. And my ATC collection. And my business card … [Read more...]

[Almost] Wordless Wednesday #7

Modeling a headband I made this past weekend. :) Essie matte top coat = LOVE My first adventure in rice crispy treat making. :) … [Read more...]

[Almost] Wordless Wednesday #6

This was taken at the park a week ago. I {love} him so much. This is also the first time you've seen a photo of me in my contacts. On Saturday I didn't just enjoy a quick snack, I *enjoyed* a peach on the porch. Sunday was all about the berries. Some heart shaped bookmarks I made like ages ago. I forgot to show you! I inherited these little gems from my Omi. She passed last August, and I miss her all the time. … [Read more...]