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Hello, March

Gaia and I love breakfast, so I've started taking pictures of our adventures. The sun was so bright yesterday morning so my face is the most retarded one I could have made. And of course Gaia was crabby so she's not really even paying attention. But here it is: one of my favorite restaurants in Sarasota. It's a two minute drive from my dad's house so we try to go whenever we visit. I personally love their Country Fried Steak, but everything we've had is pretty good. Yesterday was pretty exhausting overall. I stayed up late Wednesday trying to finish the divorce paperwork. I did everything I could by myself and the [soon to be ex-]husband and … [Read more...]

Birthday recap.

My birthday didn't go exactly as planned, but it was fun anyhow. First of all, it was a lovely day. I live down the road from an IHOP and I originally assumed that National Pancake Day was on my birthday again as it had been for the last few years. Since discovering it wasn't, I signed up for the Pancake Revolution so I could still get my free breakfast. We were going to walk, but the wind hadn't picked up yet when we headed out so we drove. After all the delicious carbs I needed a nap. And because Hutch was here to play with Gaia I got one. A rarity in this house, and very appreciated. Then I woke up at 1:30 so we could go catch The Secret … [Read more...]

[Almost] Wordless Wednesday #2

My cutest daughter! The slides are her favorite, but I like the plant that aligned with her static hair. This is our kitty, Bamboo. Isn't she pretty? Fancy nails :3 … [Read more...]

Day of Rest

I am kind of a nerd. And so, of course, I have nerdy friends. My friend Ashley of the etsy store Fancy Sauce is celebrating her birthday today and shared this adorable animation in celebration: I absolutely died laughing. You should check out her awesome artwork. She paints really cool stuff. I have one she did and I show it off in my little craft/computer nook. I recently found St. Vincent on I am pretty sure I've heard it before, just been brought back to the surface through my radio station preference. You should look St. Vincent up if you don't already know of their existence. Today was nail day for Gaia and me. She chose … [Read more...]